Thursday, April 28, 2011

Master Step can KISS THIS

     I'm going to rant for a second, maybe for two. I'm disgusted by the population of people that give humans a bad name. The type that doesn't deserve their God given ability to speak or stand on two feet and have hands to do things with.......because they only use them for evil. A majority of those are featured on the news that I don't watch, but the sad part is the news couldn't possibly cover them all. I sat next to several people over the span of my 2.5hr wait at the Toyota Dealership yesterday and couldn't help but over hear a lady's report with someone on the phone of the massive damage costs assessed to her vehicle. I had to listen to drown out the gaggingly boring sound of soap T.V. radiating through the place. I asked her after she ended the call if her car had been broken into, and she basically told me her life story for the last 5 years and how someone destroyed the front inside of the car tearing out the gaming system and taking other personal things they couldn't even get money for....She was so distraught, so after I told her I was sorry to hear it, in efforts to comfort her, shared my own 3 experiences of when my cars had been broken into, including but not limited to the stealing of my entire burned CD collection, my percrsiption glasses and the 50cents from my coin holder (all things with great cash return, huh?). I forgot to mention the time someone completely kicked in the whole side of my Blazer for no reason, leaving $5,000 damage, and ran; and although I discovered there were witnesses, they all pleaded the 5th when I got the police involved. Typical acts of human unreliability, another feat for selfishness. I've decided on a solution to this nagging issue. We need to have machines that snatch people up after they do such things and exile them to their own private island. They still get to live, having all the necessities to maintain life, and their only torture would be live on a island full of people exactly like themselves.
     I feel accomplished this week to have exposed my brother and his coworkers to Carrabba's, where the best sour dough bread and olive oil covered roasted herb dip is served. While there I decided the "When in Rome" saying applied and ate an entire loaf of bread and calamari before my ordered meal arrived. I just couldn't help myself.
     We've managed to survive a number of storm induced power outages at the hospital in the last week. But I must admit it was a bit scary for a while having flash lights at the bedside in case the generator didn't kick in while knowing I had a very very small infant under my care that needed the ventilator to work at all times!
     So yesterday as I was being productive, I went to the gym for a little group fitness time and thought I was going to a weight lifting class. As I was preparing my station, I noticed that everyone was bringing their equipment into the sister room and before I could figure out what was happening, that class was already full. I decided to just stay where I was, knowing there was going to be a class in the room I was currently in, but didn't know what was coming. How hard could it be, I thought? As it turns out, MASTER STEP is very hard. Physically I was fine, kinda. If there was a movie featuring a silly fat older man that accidentaly stumbled into a Master Step class and tried to hang with the the pros and stumbled around looking like a dumb-ass the entire class, I would be that fat guy. Try as I might, I could not learn the moves that fast.....heck.....I couldn't learn the moves at all actually. I can't emphasize enough how stupid and uncoordinated I looked, without exaggeration. I also always do everything completely opposite of the instructor and everyone around me, even with easy tasks that don't require coordination of any kind. If we are stretching and I am stretching my right arm, the entire class will be stretching their left am. This has been a issue of mine for as long as I can remember. I guess I march to my own beat, which is usually completely okay with me, especially in the subjects art or music or fashion, but in an organized activities class I wish I could to be more in unison instead of opposite-land. The important fact is, I didn't leave early; I stayed and stuck it out like a big girl, but this fool will not be returning.

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