Wednesday, April 20, 2011

212 Degrees for Motivation

     We watched this at work, and although I'm usually the first person to turn my nose up at motivationally focused videos, I thought this one had a little something.......extra. The music is awesomely dramatic and it included a few wow-factor facts. It just might motivate you to try harder at something in your life.
     I went the extra mile at work after watching this video and finally made my way to employee health to get my DTAP vaccine. I've been procrastinating it since January knowing how bad my arm would ache afterwards. I must say, it has so far exceeded my expectations and has had an impressive ability to make my entire arm feel like it could fall off, and discourage all movement from elbow to neck! The crappy part is, you only have to get the shot once every ten years, but this is my second time in 1.5 years, since the last clinic that administered it only gave me the Diphtheria and Tetanus, ignoring the fact that their vaccine lacked Pertussis. Needless to say, I threw enough of a fit after that mistake that I received the treatment for free.
The short storm yesterday evening brought a little hail and not enough rain.
     A few nights ago, while I was working, a really bad storm came through and brought some hail and pretty wicked winds. We didn't realize it until it had passed that we were in a tornado zone, but had prepared to move all the babies to the middle of the unit if the Code Grey had progressed to anything worse. Man, I'm glad we got out of that one! What a pain in the neck! I fully enjoy the sound of rain and thunder and usually think the sound of a storm is pretty relaxing, but tornadoes are for the birds! STAY AWAY TORNADOES. STAY VERY FAR AWAY!

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