Monday, October 29, 2012

Curing Withdrawls

I had just been telling Patrick about my live music withdrawls.....threatening to need hospitalization for professional treatment before I started having DT's. 
Thank goodness Tim and Lara called with free tickets to a concert we didn't know we wanted to go to!!!
After teasing Patrick for not getting the "wear black memo", and sharing some Thai food and Saki at Naga, we walked across the street to one of our favorite concert venues. 
 I know it may seem like music overload up there, but you should seriously consider giving those videos a try. The last two are Oberhofer, the opening band. I'd never heard any of their songs, but instantly liked several of them, especially the two I posted. I don't think I've heard a band thank so many people at the end of an act, like they were accepting the MTV music award or the Nobel Prize. 
Next up was Matt and Kim, an Indie band (and a real couple) from Brooklyn. It's obvious these two really enjoy each other and any kind of beat that motivates one's groove-thang to shake. Several intros, and song breaks, where cleverly mixed and mingled with popular old hip hop music.
 With no other band members, there's not much to hide behind, but they took every opportunity to jump onto something to clap their hands, do a little jig, kick out a leg, and any other thing they thought may pump up the crowd......Including throwing hundreds of balloons out to people, asking the crowd to inflate them and throw them up in unison on a count, while showering everyone with confetti. 
Apparently these two are known for their outgoing crazy attitudes towards music, and Kim proved her love for dancing by busting some moves while walking on the crowd in her Beetlejuice spandex. We all chanted "Beetlejuice, Beetlejuice, Beetlejucie!" but nothing came of it. So much for the magical spirit of Halloween.
I didn't expect to recognize any of the music, since I didn't even know them by name before this when Matt commanded, "You may not think you know this one at first, but trust me, you do. So sing along," I didn't think anything about it. Then the song got going and I did know it!!! I knew a couple, actually ("Daylight" and "Let's Go").
If you ever have the chance to see this band live, it's a lot of fun! Get ready to dance and sing along to old hip hop songs paired with Indie music!!

What do you have withdrawls from if you haven't experienced it in a while?


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