Wednesday, October 10, 2012


My new $10 wig from amazon finally came in the mail. (I had to track it down to our old apartment, because apparently I didn't update my address.) It's for Halloween, but temptation and curiosity urged me to try it on to see what I'd look like with long hair. 
I looked like this: 
But I felt more like drunk E.T. playing dress up.
I do think it's safe saying, though, that my wig curls were a bit more pretty than E.T.'s......but maybe that's just the difference in decades of style.......was E.T.'s curls ever in style????
Jessica and I just got a little bit closer this week.
It got chilly outside and I texted her to say I wanted to eat some chilly on Saturday eveving. She had already beat me to it and had meat defrosting with the same idea in mind, so we decided to cook it together.
Only thing is, when she and Bobby got to our house, we realized there was a miscommunication, and they didn't bring any chilli supplies!!! 
But I couldn't be mad, becuase I forgot my my end of the deal too! Basically, we were just a couple of hot messes.
Tip of the week: When in a bind, becuase no one did what they said they were going to do, send the boys to the store while you and your girlfriend stay at home and have fun.
Dusty came over and selpt in his usual spot immediately after eating my amazing chilli.
The puppies watched as we sang and danced in the kitchen to old R&B songs.
Callie got a little scared at times, but not too scared to beg for food.
And as the night drew colder, Jess did too.
The funny thing is.......she also resembled E.T. (And the extra funny thing, incase you didn't catch it, is I used the verb "drew" and Drew Barrymore played in the movie.)
Friendly coincidence, or fate? I'll let you decide. 

Have you ever worn a wig?? Were you an E.T. fan, or did you think it was too creepy?


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