Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Everybody likes Surprises

After inpatiently waiting for months post our expired contracts for the new iPhones to come out, it finally paid off!!! While others were pre-ordering and waiting in line to get the cutting edge technolgy, I was watching the website for the last generation to go on sale. You bet'cha I hopped right over to the store as soon as the iPhone4 was listed for FREE.
Surprise free phones: Fantasticly better late than never. 
I used the anniversary money my Nana sent us in the mail to get my Hubbs the new Dave album. Bought it from Best Buy. 
Surprise mail money from Nana: Damn skippy. 
You wanna know what the girl behind the counter said??
GBTC: Wow, that's an interesting cover. Who is that?
Me: It's Dave. He likes to draw weird stuff. He drew the illustrations for their last album cover too. 
GBTC: Dave? I've never heard of him.
Me: Dave......Dave Matthews Band. They've been around for about 20 years.......
GBTC: Yeah.....I can tell by the look on your face that I should have heard of them.......
DMB is actually the only band that has had 6 albums in a row debut as #1 on the billboard.
Surprise disappointment in kids these days: Sigh, there's always a few bad apples. 
I made this wreath as a house warming gift for my Memma's new apartment. I wanted it to have a feel for fall, but be able to transition into seasons. I got to bring it to her and put it on her front door. She loved it, and amazingly it coordinated perfect with her decor colors!!! 
Surprised door with new wardrobe: Perfect fit. 
1 yorkie, 2 yorkies, 3 yorkies, 4.
A couple towers tall, while the others scrape the floor.
4 yorkies, 3 yorkies, 2 yorkies, 1. 
Let's all go to the park, 'cause we're gonna have some fun!! 
Ale brought her puppies, Zoey and Lexi, to Arbor Hills for the first time and I brought Callie and Sumo to meet up for a yorkie date!!
Her little ones had never explored such rugged terrain, or outdoor water before!! They were a  little curious yet timid at first, of the creek, but with Callie and Sumo's lead and a little encouragement they discovered a new love and we couldn't get them out of the water. Everytime Ale tried to pick-up Lexi so we could move on, she kept going deeper into the water to be unreachable!
Surprised water loving yorkie: One happy yorkie momma. 

What's the best surprise you last received?


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