Thursday, October 11, 2012

Never Say Never

Sometimes you just have to keep on moving forward in life, just like this QVC guy did when his partner crashed in mid-showing!!!
After sitting on pins and needles for a couple of weeks filled with uncertanty, it was decided we needed to move out of our current rental property into a bigger, cheaper, and (hopefully) better one. 
Finding something other than an apartment to rent is very time sensitive, and as it turns out, I'm short on the time and patience required.
After waiting until the proffesionally suggested calender date to pick out several houses I wanted to view, every single one of the houses I liked was gone by the time the realtor and I could meet, a mere 2 days later.
The new list of leftovers wasn't fabulous, but I managed to pick out some potentials, which (after the tours) all left me epicly disappointed except two (one of which had already been snatched out from underneath us).
We were down to one. The choice was simple. Apply for the townhouse we liked (that 3 other people were scheduled to view after us), or wait for something else to maybe (or maybe not) come along, with less than 3 weeks left in our current home. One of the houses we viewed was so bad it gave Patrick day-mares (day time nightmares) and it was rented out by the end of the afternoon. To wait would be gambling dangerously.
After a night of working and a day of house touring, grocery shopping, and box gathering, I'd been awake for 24.5 hours, but to apply meant I'd have to stay awake a couple more. Panic mode kicked in and I got busy.
Official money was required and with  my bank two hours away, a cashier's was out of the question. And it was already 4 pm; I had to get a move on.
Mom didn't answer her either of her phones. Mrs. Vice-President handles all my dilemmas. So after getting advise from a local bank to hit up the QT gas-station down the street for a cheaper money order, I did.
Cash? What a joke. I had to pay an ATM fee to pay for those two stupid pieces of paper, after I'd already gone to Walmart earlier and could have gotten cash for free!
All this, and I arrived to an empty, dark, locked office with our applications in hand. My posture slumped and I sat on the sidewalk to finish filling in the last few blanks. Overwhelmed with uncertainty, I was about to slip our loose papers into a drop box with crossed fingers when a man came out from behind the deadbolt. He didn't work for the company I needed, but let me in to put my paperwork on their desk anyway.
We had to get approved for an extra pet just to apply, and 3 more people applied for the same townhouse by morning, which put us at a disadvantage. Great.
The next afternoon I got a call. We could have the townhouse over the other applicants if I could fork over the deposit by the end of the day.
Was it feasible to obtain a money order requiring almost $2,000 of cold hard cash? I think not. (Just imagine me trying to pull that much money out of an ATM with my pink zapper in one hand and paranoid eyes darting all over the store. I'd probably get the cops called on me for suspicous activity.)
When in trouble, call Mom. She had money wired from our bank to the Realtor's bank. How cool is that? I didn't even know money wiring still took place in the modern world. Mom to the rescue!!!
Then we had to worry about finding a refrigerator..........
It's always something.
I've said forever we'd never live on the 75 side of town, but downtown Plano, here we come! It shall be a grande adventure. I honesty couldn't even drive to our new place without a GPS if you had a gun to my head. We have lots to learn!!

I'm not worried, though. After all, we're professional gypsies. We've done this 10 times in the last 5 years. 

Have you ever had money wired before? Did anyone notice I just made Justin Bieber references in the two times this week??? How old am I, 13 and a half?


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