Thursday, October 25, 2012

We Tried

I got to play hide and seek with this little guy in Stein Mart the other day after my toddler interview at Starbucks.

Blake: So...Where do you live?
Where does your Mom live?
Where does your Dad live?
My mom lives in Prosper.
So...Where do you work?
Where does your Mom work?
Where does your Dad work?
My mom works at the hospital. 

And the cutest thing was him asking, "Is it okay if I come?" each time we got out of the car at a new store.
We'll have to soak up the cuteness while it lasts, though.....because one day, he'll turn into the product of his preceding generation, transforming from wavy blonde locks with sweet blue eyes to match his blueberry muffin, to this pillow-feet-propped, granny-quilt-wearing, erect-tail-cat-loving, impostor of a miller-light-loving-man!
Sorry everyone, we tried. We really did. But nothing we could do helped Ryan look any more manly (just kidding, Ryan) or the Rangers win one of the most important games of the season. 
 We brought out old hats and wore them in ridiculous manners.
We switched remote holders. 
We ate pizza and drank beer. 
Nothing was going to help them win this time, but themselves.....and they let everyone down. On the bright side, we had this ridiculous cat, with the most constantly erect tail I've ever seen in my life, to entertain us. 
I think somehow he knew we all needed a little cheering up, because this is the first time he's ever graced us with his presence during a visit!
Dear Rangers, look what they've done to our friends; you've killed their hearts and turned them into Zombies.
Oh well. I like basketball better anyway. 

Are you superstitious about sports?


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