Monday, November 26, 2012

Making Me Cray Cray

Google decided it had enough of my parasitic ways and tried to make me fork over my hard earned cash to keep posting photos on this "free" blog. Did you know they also limit your email space? Why can't they just jump on the Yahoo and Facebook bandwagon and annoy us with an overabundance of advertisements we can ignore and stay out of my pocketbook?
All this technical nonsense made me so crazy, wasting hours of my life before I found a way around it, which is how I turned into this!!!
Actually I'm doing my own facials these days because when real people do them they're amazing, but pricey, and I'd rather afford funner things like those super warm and cozy house moon boots I'm showing off from R.E.I.'s black friday sale. Patrick and I went for some steals and I picked out everything I want for my birthday, Christmas, and Anniversary presents for the next 10 years. 
Oh R.E.I., why must you torture me so?????
But seriously, isn't it pretty crappy to advertise how free and awesome you are and then one day say, "Oopsie.....we're not THAT free! We omitted some information that might have prevented you from getting to this point, but we're telling you now so you can decide you don't have enough time to figure it out and just pay us money instead."
Touche, Google.

If anyone out there is a gu-ru and wants to help me convert all my previous pictures to a smaller size, I'm always open for suggestions!!
If I decide it's too much trouble to keep resizing my photos, I'll be taking donations to give in to those jack-wagons!!


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