Thursday, November 8, 2012

Not to Brag........

My birthday was so amazing I had to split it into two posts (I promise not to mention it for another year after today). 
After begging for an early present from my Mom and Dad, I've had the luxury of running in these super fun Brooks Pure Cadence shoes all month. Good running shoes can't wait for birthdays. (So far I like them better than any other shoes I've ever ran in, except for my Brooks Pure Connects.....shhhhh....don't tell the Cadences's; I'd hate for them to get their feelings hurt.
Don't worry, I'm not wearing a black pant leg and white pant leg. I left my knee braces around my ankles so you couldn't see my dry hairy legs. 
I love that my mom ratted on me and told my father I said he could be "exhausting" (thanks mom).....and I love that he then he ratted on her!! 
My brother took me to Razoo's. Just me, thought, Patrick had to pay his own way! 
On my last night of work, Patrick brought me Corner Bakery (He used to bring me my favorite soup and sandwhich from Corner Bakery and have lunch with me about once every other week when I was a traveling nurse. Everyone was always jealous and said it was only becuase we were newly weds.)  and this super sweet card. 
Then the next day I woke up to flowers.
On Saturday morning he left to get supplies for my surprise and left this second card for me. 
When I checked the mail, I found more arrivals to make me smile!! Tim sent some music he thought we'd enjoy!! 
Along with many other things, I always want to remember the way Nana tapes up to the extreme all the envelopes she mails and personalizes them with stickers.  
Then we had some visitors, who came with really fun stuff like non-edible flower cakes, another card, and a balloon!
It's like that bird cage was meant for that balloon......united at last. 
When we were moving and going through boxes of old stuff, I got so lost in reading cards I've saved over the years and decided it's too hard to keep them all, so from now on I'm going to take pictures of them so I can always remember what they said. 
Everyone got a tour of the house, and the stairs turned out to be super entertaining for one particular member of the family. 
We sat outside for a while to enjoy the 80 degree weather in November......
And drew names for's hard to believe that time of year is really here!
Yes. There's 9 people and 2 dogs on our couch. It's okay to be amazed. 
Patrick's big surprise he'd been beating around the bush about all week was to make me sushi for dinner!!! Tempura shrimp, spicy crab rolls, tempura avocado slices, and that spicy orange colored sauce that's on some of my favorite rolls.....all from scratch!! I'm so impressed by his adventurous kitchen skills!
A big thanks to everyone who helped make me feel extra special last week, especially that tall dark and handsome guy I live with. Y'all are the best.
(I hope that wasn't too boring.)

How sweet is that El Camino in the first picture? 


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