Thursday, November 15, 2012

Cuteness. Beauty. Joy.

It's usually a major struggle for me to keep things short and sweet, but it's been super easy this week. Being off work for the last 7 days has kept me on my toes!!! I swear I could never work again and stay busy long as I didn't run out of money......that could be problematic!!!!
While I'm on the subject of short sweetness, let's take a moment to admire how cute my youngest niece is!!!
She was a 3rd grade Duchess for her school's fundraising event. They gathered thousands of canned goods for charity.  
Advancing to other beautiful things, look at that pretty pink rose at my parent's house that surpassed the barrier of a wooden privacy fence to bring colorful joy to the other side. You could plant a flower exactly where you wanted it, and it would die; but leave it's fate to nature and it will always find a way to defy odds. 
And on to smaller but overwhelming things, I helped my mom for a while sorting 15 gallons of pecans she picked up from their yard. I wish that could actually have put a dent in her work, but she has a long road of pecan picking ahead of her! Despite the chores, it was great being outside, no matter what we were doing, with the wind blowing through our hair like our lawn chairs were actually go-carts cruising about 15mph down the road. 
We all had to find a way to keep a safe distance from Big Bad Brad, my Father. He's had little relief from post-op pain and it's taken a toll on his already rough around the edges personality. It's not surprising that Dusty just decided to sleep through it.........Hopefully my super-nursing skills of readjusting his ice brace helped make the house more live-able for my Mom. 
I hung out with this ridiculously cute butt-raiser, Piper, and got a tour of Vanaynay and Ricky's house being built while getting caught up on girl talk. 
And when we got back home, this dainty little pink thing was there to greet us. How does my tiny little Christmas Cactus know that all the stores are already playing holiday music overhead? I'm ecstatic it lived another year to bless our house with it's graceful blossoms! (That triumph definitely had nothing to do with any skill credited to me.......Nature perseveres once again!!!)


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