Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Solving Problems One Sunrise at a Time

Working 6 out of 7 nights isn't fun, and neither was: having to stop for gas on the way home to have my husband leave in the vehicle I got gas for, therefore forcing me to get gas in the other vehicle, locking myself out of the house and having to stay up until 11:00am to walk the dogs for poop samples, going back across town (the slow way because the "low air in tire" light came on) to drop the poop off, spending a million dollars for tests and meds at the vet, driving to Patrick's work to get the spare key while starving, and having a not so optimal conversation with our last landlord right before bed when I had to be back to work by 6:30pm.
The worst part was having to stay up late again the next morning, to have MORE blood drawn because the specimen my OB office sent to test my chromosomes was labeled incorrectly. (Just when I thought my pin cushion days were over......
And when I finally finished my working stretch, I had to stay up for 29 hours to get my to do list done (managing, somehow, to also babysit 3 cute blonde headed boys during that time frame, one of which had a blast blowing bubbles, and the others getting a kick out of watching me run around playing "infected" while holding up my baggy gaucho pants).......I did, however, sleep for 15 hours straight to make up for it, only waking up because the doorbell in my dreams turned out to be real. 
The perk to all of this was being outside to witness a breathtaking sunrise. 
While waiting for my doctor's office to open, I went for a beautiful run with some work buddies. Endorphins and sunrises solve all kinds of problems. 
The temperature started off in the 40's and we were feeling frisky!!
5 miles later, I was down to running in my sports bra and Jessica wouldn't even shed the hoodie off her head!!! I wonder about her sanity sometimes.....
Apparently it's bird season........Where do these birds live the rest of the year?
The great news is Patrick's chromosome report is back and it was negative for him being a Robertsonian carrier! Yay.
Now it's all up to me.

What's your favorite temperature for outdoor workouts?


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