Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Slumming on the South Side

Done up nice and headed to the South Side for a concert later in the evening, we stopped by Deep Ellum for some grungy grub. 
It's a good thing I took that nap earlier in the day, because I needed to be well rested to fully enjoy Angry Dog's. 
Without refraining any modesty over their previous year's awards for best burger in the metroplex, this place is still pretty close to being a glorified hole in the wall, but they do make your beef exactly the way you order it. 
I went against the mold and opted for some cheese and bacon covered fries with chicken tenders. Don't worry, I didn't even come close to cleaning my plate, but the fries were just what the doctor ordered  and cured me from my segway induced motion sickness. 
Excited after returning from his half naked bikini model graffitied bathroom break, Patrick asked me to go check out the women's stall to see if it was equally decorated with sexy photographs. Apparently women just like head shots, preferably George Clooney and firefighters........holding puppies.
As if our day wasn't already exciting enough, we closed it out with The Neighbourhood and Imagine Dragons at the Palladium, now known as the South Side Ballroom. We've seen both bands before, but are always ready for more live music. 
I love how The NBHD incorporates the groovy vibe of R&B or Reggae with an Alternative Rock spin. As for the Imagine Dragons?? Two words: Synthesizer. Drums. 


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