Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Don't Be Shy, Feel The Explosion!

I know I've been a terrible writer when my husband sarcastically yet endearingly tells me he'd love to read one of my blogs again some day. Slacker to the max!
 Not only is it difficult to squeeze in some black and white words when I'm getting slammed every night at work, but ceasing to step out of the house for much more than the occasional dog walk and to make sure we have enough groceries to survive on leaves little room for excitement in my life. Other than having a lot on my mind and nothing on my to do list but trying to see how many Bones and Breaking Bad episodes I can watch on my days off, I'm void of excuses!
There is one exception to my recent mellow state when I was feeling pretty frisky at Hobby Lobby (I know, what a weirdo). I bought a 3 pack of Pop Rocks, causing a chain affect after the lady at the register teased me for not being able to resist the calling. I told her I wished I had some kid with me to blame my weak purchase on, but admitted I had been defeated by the urge to play with my candy. Seconds later, the entire cashier register zone of people were nostalgically bantering about Pop Rocks. Meanwhile, the website adversities, "The planet's #1 selling popping candy." Which brings me to question...........is there another popping candy in the running as competition that I don't know about? Someone quick, do the research, because I'm too lazy to Google it!
I heard a great quote this week (probably from some television show I was wasting my life away watching). "Life begins at the end of your comfort zone." Neale Donald Walsch. I wonder how many people see a tantalizing but juvenile candy like Fun Dip, Warheads, or Pop Rocks at the pre-counter goodies rack and hesitate to buy what they really want for fear it may make them look silly? I've got news, people, if there was ever a time to buy candy and blame it on a kid, now's the time!!! It's officially Halloween candy buying season!!!!

Which is your favorite juvenile candy?
Is there anything out there you want to do that your comfort zone is keeping you from?

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