Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Jump Starting Our Day, Pun Intended (Project Pretty)

(Project pretty is a personal commitment to share my weekly journey of keeping my non-New-Year's-Resolution: staying fit to improve quality of life while inspiring others to do the same. Let's all jump on the endorphin wagon!)

Last week Cristina and I not only jump started our day together with a nice little workout, we also had to jump start her car just to leave the gym parking lot! Luckily I had some jumper cables in the 4 Runner, but had never used them before, and Cristina had me convinced that she "kinda" knew what she was doing.....until she accidentally let the black and red ends touch which resulted in a big spark.........then I was genuinely scared the likely hood of us blowing something up was significant. To make matters even more challenging, our car batteries were so far away from each other, the jumper cable ends couldn't reach, and given the limitations of space due to other cars in the lot, our vehicles were merely millimeters apart by the time we could make it work!!! SCARY! (Side note: Some sweet older man saw what we were doing, but must have had a feeling we were independent women [or was just interested in some early morning entertainment], because he just stood back and silently watched us to make sure we didn't do anything stupid and then stepped up to make sure we were all good in the end.)
Besides my whole body feeling like it was hit by a truck one boot camp class and 2 days later, I'd been gently and unsuccessfully trying to get back into a running groove. (I'm serious about that getting hit by a truck thing. I was so sore over the weekend, Patrick had to put his hands under my butt cheeks and spot me up the stairs because I couldn't manage the incline alone........and because he really likes to touch my butt.) Unfortunately, despite taking it slow, stretching, rolling, and icing, every time I run, the knot in my left calf returns with a vengeance. This is officially the roughest injury recovery yet and I have no idea what to do about it. At this rate, it looks like I may be walking the MetroPCS Half in December!!!


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