Sunday, May 22, 2011

"On My Way"

     I think it's finally happened. After a little over half a decade together (5.5 years to be exact), Patrick and I have reached the point of.............."wait for it"................normalcy. Well, as normal as we could possibly get anyway. We are still probably one of the cheesiest long term couples ever witnessed to man, but details aside, we actually got into what could be called the mildest of mild spats over the difference between me liking or not liking a particular item. I apparently reason way more complicated that he wanted grasp, while he became flustered at why I couldn't figure out how to give him a simple answer. Most of the time things just aren't black and white for me. Stupid? Yes. And that's why I say we've reached it, because never before in the history of kpLove would we have ever even let a moment like that slip into our bubble.
     Sometimes I reminisce back to the extremely simple days of infatuation when he used to lay his head on my chest and sing me this song. I had never heard it before and thought he was a crazy loon for making it up, but it turns out Ben Kweller was the voice behind it. Although the early days are fun and bring back much happiness to be remembered, now our hearts are filled with a deeper understanding (not that there's never MISunderstandings.....haha) of each other and a comfortable love. It's hard to explain unless you've been there, but hopefully some of my readers know what I'm talking about.
     What an ironic song title for us to also be On Our Way down the road of that we call love.

So here's to relationships young and old, enjoy each other, love can't be sold.......or bought,
Don't think I forgot.........'bout those napkins in your beard... or paranormal activity that you feared,
Like a scaredy cat........lets take a nap, a kitty cat nap, 'cause you my pillow that never gets flat.....
And that first time you farted and tried to play like you's asleep........ it sounded like beep beepity beepy beep beep.
The memories flow like the words from my mouth.....
Don't mess with me fool, unless you wanna go south.

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