Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Thank You Smart Phone

     Day two of vacation started with a lovely hike in Chautauqua Park, which is in Boulder, CO. The views were pleasant, the weather was perfect, and we were so wrapped up in the joy of it all that we got lost on the way back to the car!  We had decided to turn around since it looked like rain was on it's way and we had a date with a friend, and if not for Patrick's phone navigation App, I'm not sure how long it would have taken us to reach destination point.
    To continue on with my life written as a sitcom, after finishing the 2 hour hike with dreams of warm showers in our near future and hot wings washed down by fresh brewed beer on our minds, I realized my phone was no where to be found. After emptying both our camelbak's and searching every pocket we possessed, the only logical conclusion was my phone must have made an escape into the wilderness, fleeing from my captivity in desperation of freedom. The only problem was, by now it was probably regretting it's hasty decision and feeling a little scared and lonely. So the decision was made to postpone the indulgences of empty carbohydrates and BBQ sauce and pursue a rescue mission: operation find Kayla's phone.
     We marched forward like the brave souls we are, ignoring the altitude induced wheezing. I started jogging, hoping my 1 hour spin classes would prepare my legs for a 4 hour hike, praying to the Lord Almighty for a happy ending, and trying to gain ground on Patrick to relieve him of conquering any unnecessary mileage, since I knew he was pissed about the situation. You don't mess with a man and his beer time. You also should never try to come between a man and hot wings.
These little devil plant burs scared the crap out of me. I thought I was under attack by rampant insects! I think when I screamed in horror at these things, I must have dropped my phone and was too traumatized to remember.
     As I reached the ending point, did a quick search and saw nothing but gravel and grass, my heart began to sink. No phone. I should have known it would be too easy. So I started to turn around with my head hung low, contemplating what kind of lie I was going tell the insurance company to get a new one. . . . . . . . .
Keep your head up kid. Hold it high.
     . . . . . . . But wait . . . . . . .What's that sound? . ? . ? . ? . Could it be what I think it is? . ? . ? . ? . Is that the sweet little tune of my telephone ringing? ! ? ! ? ! ? ! It is! It is! I found it up a ways in the gravel. Patrick was concerned that I had been eaten by a bear or mountain lion, since he hadn't seen me in a long while, and decided to start doing all he could do, like call the phone I didn't have!
     I said it in the last post, and I'll say it again: Thank you, smart phone, thank you!
     We made it back to the car with jello legs, blistered feet, and thankful hearts, raced home to spiff up, and made it to Breckenridge Brewery and BBQ merely an hour late. Fashionably late, I like to say. We got to meet Patrick's friend, Stew's, six month old cutie pie and special lady friend. We got a intimate backstage tour of the brewery, a case of Christmas Ale that isn't even on the market for sale yet, and replenished our bodies with sacred masterpiece products of the Coloradans. All for the price of tipping our bartender. Now that's what I call a deal!
Things always work out in the end.

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