Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Beautiful Work for a Lazy Sunday

(Here's one of the songs we sang together this weekend. The White Stripes are super cool, and I found this absurdly cute illustrated video of the song on you tube. It's a must see.)

Weekends like this make the differential pay at work completely not worth it. I came home to hang with my Hunny, who sang sweet songs to me on the couch after we ate dinner together.....on the couch
He got poison ivy on his arm while taking the dogs to the park earlier that morning, so I played nurse and bandaged him up.......aren't we sweet?
Sunday, we slept in, listening to the sound of thunder outside, and then I made a trip to Home Depot to liven up our porch. My Mom and Nana had already sent me home with a car full of plants, so I got a few more things to tie it all together. 

{When I was a little girl, my mother used to spend time out in her garden. I remember it to be a very large square garden at the base of the hill in our back yard. She'd be out there tending to the asparagus and pulling weeds, and I'd stand there at the edge of where the grass and dirt collide, tears rolling down my cheeks, face flushed pink with distress and anger. 
I don't remember crying when I got in a physical fight with the boys next door, or gashing my shin open while sprinting through the yard and crashing into a horseshoe post.........nope. I remember crying for my mother on the outer boundaries of her hobby. Why? I have no clue. I loved the dirt.....maybe she told me I wasn't allowed in there? Maybe she remembers..........
I wish I had paid more attention all those times she was in her garden, though. Because I don't know Jack from Jill about growing a  damn plant.}

I learned a lot while I was there. Who knew you shouldn't just use "potting mix", alone, to pot your plants with???? Not me!!! I thought the word "mix" meant everything was already mixed together for me. I also didn't know I could save a crap-load of money by actually buying a bag of crap (manure) and a bag of moisture smart soil, instead of buying it already mixed together as potting soil. I feel so smart now......and so stupid for killing countless plants in the past by planting them only in potting mix. 
I always wondered why water would run out the pot as fast as I poured it.

We laid down lava rocks, so Sumo couldn't dig in the mud by the the fence anymore, and threw out lots of grass seed, in hopes that it will grow!
 How do you like my "Wall Flowers"? I relocated these from the front porch to the back yard, to help give our brick wall of a fence a more cozy feel. There are perennials, with a durability of -20F, require minimal to no water, and enjoy anything from full shade to full sun exposure.  I'm so iron flower savvy.
 I planted three different kinds of mint by the back door for a little aroma therapy....and to use in my drinks at home. Chocolate mint, orange mint, and apple mint! Ooooo la la. 
 I've had our wind chimes here since we moved in, and love listening to them sing, but I added this shelf by the door so we could have a place to put our shoes without Sumo being able to reach them and wrestle them across the yard! 
 I love my new Jack Daniels barrel; it has such a vintage feel. I love that it has a history, and can now retire in it's old age to sunbathing in my back yard. 
 It's not the New Orleans style sanctuary of my dreams, but it only took me one afternoon to complete and it's all the money I'm willing to invest into a rent home. I'm actually typing this, while chilling in that green rocking chair, at this very moment.......and I must say, it's quite nice out here. 
Patrick made fried chicken AND blackened chicken with sweet seasoned french fries while I was finishing up the yard work, and we wrapped up the evening watching home videos on the T.V. 
It was really starting to freak me out how exactly the same I am from years past. Every time something happened on video, or a conversation was transpiring, I would say something to Patrick about it, and a few seconds later we would hear me say the exact same thing on video. Weird.
Before we knew it, 4 hours had flown by and it was time for bed.
Sumo had already beat us to the punchline. He worked hard out in the yard too, sticking his nose in everything we were doing, eating the grass seed as fast we we could throw it out, and biting at the water from the hose. 
Another weekend gone.

Have you done your planting/yard work this spring? Do you ever just sit for hours watching old home videos?

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