Tuesday, April 3, 2012

No Butterflies Were Harmed in the Making of this Blog Post

Over the next few posts, I plan to give a rendition on my first ever marathon weekend. HALF marathon, to be exact. Sometimes half of something is all you need. 

All the hard work payed off. The girl's trip weekend had arrived and our excitement levels were sky high, especially when we finally reached our destination in Bastrop to witness just how nice the Lost Pines Hyatt Resort really was.
The last leg there was a little nerve racking when we started to discuss if the extremely hilly roads were actually part of our next day's run, but that's a whole other can of worms I'll open tomorrow.
The country inspired lodge was spacious and peaceful. Exactly what the doctor ordered. 
While waiting in line for check-in, we were greeted with complementary glasses of champainge. Also what the doctor ordered. How did they know?
I loved this tree chandelier. If only ceiling fans weren't so important. 
After unloading our luggage, we explored the Expo, to rack up on as much free stuff as possible. I LOVE free stuff. 
The view from our rooms entailed sanctuary gardens, specifically planted for butterflies, but we were a little early for the blooming flowers. Remember that for later. 

The lazy river was calling our name.................
But we didn't have enough time left before dinner to dive down that path, so we lounged on the pool beach instead. 
First sunbathing of the season, check
It was a Texas oasis, designed to please the eye and ear. 
We could not have picked a more perfect time of year to visit. Warm enough to enjoy the sun, cool enough to go for a run..........There I go rhyming again; I'm such a poet at heart. 
All dolled up and ready to carb-load, we headed out to a little Italian joint down the road and gave them a run for their money. Some serious pasta and bread eating went down, and we enjoyed every bite of it. A by stander would have thought we were immigrants from a foreign planet, just discovering simple carbohydrates for the first time in our lives.  
Apparently Bastrop is close enough to Austin  to "keep things weird" too. The speed limit signs were a total crack up. The specifics of the "11 M.P.H" and "19 M.P.H" postings were a little unnecessary, but sarcastically appreciated, considering we were going to need a good laugh the next morning when tackling the hills they accompanied. 
After dinner, we went back to our rooms to settle in and get some rest for the big AM run............but there was a hold up in the Zen Room
Bugs, not butterflies
Bugs everywhere. Bugs galore reigned the ceilings, walls; swarmed the lamps and chandelier. Big ones, little ones. Hoppy ones, flying ones. The weather was so nice when we left for dinner, no one thought to close the patio door.
Grown women transformed into screeching sissies, throwing their arms over head and ducking for cover.
The exterminator squad team was called in for back up, aka me, armed with my ski of a shoe.
BAM!! Wack!!! SMASH!!
I was determined to redeem our authority, creating a bug massacre, tip toeing toward the ceiling off the arm of the upholstered wing-back chair, bouncing off the mattress, spinning in deathly circles on the leather seat of the office chair. 
A few minutes later the battlefield was cleared by housekeeping and a busboy quickly followed holding an apologetic wine offering. 
Lesson learned. 
Touche butterfly garden. Touche. 


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