Thursday, April 26, 2012

The Flea that Bit My Ass

I'm usually very right about most things, but on this day, I couldn't have been more wrong. It's a good thing I have a tolerable, loving family. 

You might not be able to tell by the looks on our faces, but I screwed up big time on Saturday.
 Two months ago, my mother and I planned a day for her to come visit so we could haggle together at Third Monday McKinney Trade Days. It only takes place the weekend before the 3rd monday of every month. That should be easy to figure out, right? 
She almost didn't come, and I gave her such a hard time about flaking-out on me, she not only came, but she brought a chunk of my favorite family members with her! They drove 2 hours to pick me up, and then 30 more minutes to get to our destination, for the love of flea markets!
***Tiffini was driving, while both our mothers' and Memma were in their own world cackling in the back seats, and I was in the front giving directions***

Me: Go this way, go that way, make a right here, and we should see it on.....our.......................

Tiff: ...........

Me: Uh oh.

Tiff: What?

Me: *Started smiling uncomfortably in disbelief and mortification*  That's where it's suppose to be,'s empty.

Tiff: Are you serious? *Laughing at me in disbelief*

Me: OH. EM. GEE. How could this have happened? *Immediately started Google searching for the schedule on my phone*

Tiff: We can't tell them.

Me: We have to tell them. There's no way around it. They wont believe we're lost forever!

Tiff: Well lets just drive a little way before we say anything.

*****A few moments pass with the two of us giggling at the utter irony of it all*******

Tiff (known for being the one to change her mind): *Looks up into the rearview mirror and nonchalantly directs her voice at everyone.*  Hey, do ya'll want to just go to the mall instead?

Everyone else in the car: NOOOOOO!!!! Why in the world would we do that?

Me: Becuase..........we may have come here on the wrong weekend.........and the flea market may be.........*gulp*....empty........*wince*....

Patrick always says that I'm a peer-pressure-er, and I guess this time the trip that almost never happened, turned around to bite me in the ass.........but I got some amazing home-made chocolate covered coconut macaroons out of the deal (thanks Memma), a new pair of earrings, a new plant's life dwindling at the palms of my hands (thanks Mom), and can now rest easy knowing my family loves me enough to drive 5 hours round trip just to go to the mall!!! But only at the expense of my humility: Aunt Susie was on her phone immediately, calling to tell everyone she knows what happened.
At least I took them to their very first Cheesecake Factory taste-bud explosion adventure!!! They all drooled over the deliciousness, which made me very happy to take part in such a memorable moment in one's life. 
And my mom got to see her grand-dogs for a little while, so it wasn't such a complete loss!
Later that night, we had dinner at Cyclone Anaya's Mexican Kitchen in the fruity part of town, and then headed over to Katy Trail Ice House. Another first. It's set up as an Austin style beer garden in Uptown. 
*Sigh* Austin, how I love thee.....
We were forced to park valet, which Patrick and I both hate. We are faithful "park and walk" people, each eager to enjoy the weather, sustain independence, and burn a few calories.....oh yeah, and save the extra money. But to our surprise the cost was "tip only". Talking about pressure. I had no idea how much to leave. I was only going to give the guy $3, but Patrick made me fork over $5. Does that make me cheap, or practical? (We're talking about the same girl that sneaks in her own liquor at every place I go to avoid paying the up-price for an adult beverage.)
The celebration was for Ale's birthday. In her honor, I stayed seated at my picnic table all night so she could stand next to me and feel a little taller for once. That was the best present I had to offer (because I'm cheap). 
And then we had to hit the fast track to bed, for our big Sunday plans.

Have you ever made big plans for something, to find out AFTER getting there, you made a mistake on the date????


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