Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Is That Taco Meat??

Lately I've been on a huge popcorn kick. Not just any kind of popcorn. I'm talking about the good kind from the movie theater or Mavericks' games; the kind that makes your lips chapped it's so good. Yeah, it's expensive, but its the perfect size, perfect texture, perfect saturated combination of butter and salt. It doesn't even need to be hot to feel delictable between my chompers! 
I decided I have a slight problem this week, after I ate 3 times as much as Patrick did, turning the box upside down and patting every last kernel crumb into my mouth. I've transformed into the Energizer Bunny of popcorn munching. 
In order to support my new addiction, we started having picnics before game nights instead of going out to eat. We went to a new {to us} park in Downtown at the beginning of Katy Trail. Absolutely gorgeous. It's a tree hearty green sanctuary in the roots of the city.
I made a taco buffet for the occasion and packed everything, in a hurry as usual, so we could leave as soon as Patrick got home from work.....
On the way there I happened to glance down at my wedding ring, in admiration as usual, and noticed something black on the side. 
"Must be a pesky piece of left over taco meat," I thought to myself as I reached to flick it off. 
The problem was, it wouldn't flick off..........
It was a gaping black hole. A sad tunnel of dull darkness where one of my beautiful sparkling diamonds once lived. The most aggravating part of the whole situation was I had just taken it to get inspected a week prior.
The good news is I have a lifetime warranty on my diamonds, so it was replaced without charge. The bad news is the original is gone forever. "Moment I Could Live Without."
Patrick made it all better when he delivered my remodeled version in a lit-up box while kneeling on one knee and sliding the shimmering token of our love back on my ring finger.
Inside the American Airlines Center, the money makers had the Championship Trophy out for bazillion dollar photo-shoots...........so Patrick posed for one at a distance, since I only charge kisses for my photography skills. 
Too bad he'll never get as close to it as I did
I must have been willing to put my popcorn down long enough to snap a photo with the Hunny. This is obviously before I smeared lipstick all over my face in all my ravenous-ness.
Whatever are we going to do with our time when the season is over? Or more importantly, how will I get my popcorn fix??

What's your favorite picnic meal? Have you ever lost a diamond?


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