Tuesday, June 28, 2011

I Almost Kissed It!

Sorry Patrick, you missed out!!!

    Yesterday I went to the American Airlines Center and scored half season Maverick tickets for Patrick and I next year! This is why I work extra!!!!!!! We can personally thank our friend Daiquiri for sharing his ticket holder benefits so that we could get the seats. Patrick was unable to attend the event for work related reasons, so I decided to make him drool with jealousy and have a photoshoot with the championship trophy. I wasn't allowed to touch it, but I got really close to kissing it! It sure was shiny, and I could picture how great it would look on our dining room table, but there were too many security guards around to sneak it into my large satchel. I also had the privilege of walking on court with my own two feet and while I was doing so, pretended that all the seats were filled with spectators that came to watch me do my thing. Too bad I didn't have a basketball in hand so I could show off with a couple of layups. I sat in a $50,000 floor seat just to see what it would be like. . . . . . .it would be pretty sweet is what it would be.

Thanks Daiquri!
      When I got back in my car at 5pm, the thermastat said 108 degrees Farhenheit. I'm suprised my tires didn't melt in the parking lot. I survived the traffic from two different wrecks on the way home and stopped by Robbins Bros to get my rings cleaned, polished, inspected, and re-dipped in the white gold. That trophy may have been shiny, but my rings put it to shame now.

The guy taking my picture kept making me laugh,
so it was hard to keep a pucker!

     Have you seen the movie Extraordinary Measures starring Harrison Ford and Brendan Fraser? It's based on a true story and although I wouldn't rate the film "the best picture since sliced bread", I will say that it's quite inspiring to watch a father and mother risk so much to support a theory that would possibly save their children's lives.  The movie briefly explains Pompe disease so you are not completely lost and then you wait while the majorly conflicting cooperate-world system battles it out with a determined samaritan trying to develop a life saving enzyme. I'm glad it had an ending I could agree with or I may have thrown the DVD out the window instead of returning it back to Netflix.


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