Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Get That Gal Some Hormones, Would Ya?

     Not to be old and stuffy by mentioning the weather every blogging moment, but I think Mother Nature is having a menopausal meltdown. I have evidence.
1. Without warning she started having these unbearable hot-flashes this week
2. Sunday evening her mood was happy-go-lucky and then for no good reason, she starts crying (raining) in the middle of sunshine
3. She let what should have been a healthy little cry, turn into a weird and unmapped raging mad storm with hail and wind........our weather radar didn't even pick up on it.
     Ture Story. Weird, huh? We need to check in to some hormone pills for her. How 'bout nice and easy. . . . .say. . . . .65-80 degrees Fahrenheit, sunny, with a light breeze? Yes. That would be perfect. Please and Thank you.

This is what my Saturday Night
looked like.
     I don't have much to show for my last 4 days off work, unless bragging about getting an average of 18 hours of sleep per day tickles anyone's fancy. On one day....my memory is foggy as to which, I thought I was feeling better, and convinced Patrick into taking me to Ikea to window shop. Those people are marketing geniuses; to create a maze of merchandise organized and staged, forcing browsers to look at the entire store before finding their way to the exit. It's almost impossible to leave that place without finding SOMETHING that you can't live without. And if you don't? Well you've probably spent enough time shopping that the aroma coming from the food court may be enticing! And the kids? Don't worry, they've made a play oasis for them to stay entertained! I think my favorite thing about their mission, is they display plenty of examples to show how tight spaces can be fabulous, efficient, and organized. It's difficult to envision how to make the most of a tiny apartment/condo or small house, but Ikea is there to help!

I treated myself to a coffee treat
in my FAV mug
from my FAV Newyorkers!

     As if I don't brag about him enough (and I swear it's not because I know he reads this), my husband made the ultimate sacrifice for me this weekend. We watched this mouth watering show about southern BBQ, and if you know Patrick, you might have guessed that he wanted to eat BBQ ASAP after that. As a fellow BBQ lover, I was having a hard time feeling the vibe through my sickly-ness. But trying to be a good wife, I put on some street clothes and prepared myself to wear a happy face to the nearest BBQ joint with that handsome man of mine. On the way there, he sensed my queasy aura and re-routed to Corner Bakery so I could get soup. We never ate BBQ; he sacrificed his craving in mid-execution so his wife could eat at her favorite soup/sandwich place just to see her smile. Did I mention he picked up after all the messes that I made for the last 4 days? I don't clean when I'm sick. I'm more like a disastrous tornado.

Pat also made a Beer Can Chicken!

     I did manage to be slightly adventurous Sunday and tried cooking an entire artichoke for the first time. After some extensive Internet research and much contemplation, I decided to oven roast it in foil with minced garlic, drizzled with olive oil and a bit of lime juice. Then I made a dipping sauce with balsamic vinegar, olive oil, fresh ground pepper and Worcestershire sauce. The result?. . . . . . . I even had to research how to eat the darn thing, but I'm glad I was prepared. I ate the entire thing by myself in about 5 minutes while Patrick was in the bedroom with his head buried in a pillow trying not to break things after the Mavericks game.
     And if you were thinking of watching Invictus. . . . . . . . BORING! I almost didn't make it through, despite getting to stare at Matt Damon the entire time.

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