Sunday, June 12, 2011

Thorough Enjoyment

   I let the 'ol man sleep in yesterday morning while I took the pups out for some morning air, morning deuces (for the dogs obviously) and morning food (for myself of course), and thought we might as well catch a glimpse of the Race for a Cure that was taking place in the village. Little did I know it would be hard to miss with the hovering helicopters, upbeat music bumping through gigantic speakers, and thousands of people decked out in pink waiting for the count down to start the run. Remember this post about the crappy race that tried cramp my Saturday morning? Well it doesn't even count as a race compared to this, and thankfully our complex even sent out a warning email this time! I'm further more thankful the race started on the street of the opposing South side building because I'm convinced no one in the proximity managed to sleep past 6am unless they were deaf. Have you noticed people-watching at a race is really good? The things people wear to be comfortable while working out can be really funny. . . . . . like the guy who wore oversized Texas flag windshorts! We took a field trip through the organized chaos (getting lots of  "aww, what cute doggies" comments along the way), stopping at Dunkin Donuts for a breakfast treat of munchins, a mocha latte and croissant sandwich, and headed to the fake grass dog park on the North side to play with some new friends while I ate in the shade and listened to a girl I didn't know vent to me about her terminal mother, their bad relationship and her feelings of empathy and duty to take care of her mother despite it all. I'm still not sure if it was because I still had on my scrubs (coincidentally pink, not going un-noticed by a woman that told me I picked the right color for the occasion), or if she felt the same energy I must often project out to strangers. Strangers just talk to me. . . . . . . . . it's a gift I have. . . . . . . I think? I'm glad though. I enjoy hearing their stories.

Sumo didn't make it far in the sun before I was dragging him through the grass! Even though it was prior to 8am, it was
very already hot and I had sympathy for him because I was sweating too!

I tied Callie and Sumo to a pole outside DD and was so proud at how good they were!

Juggling Spatulas
     It was one of the most ironically comical Saturday nights. A night filled with new adventures in semi-familiar territory with the new married couple. We hitched a ride in a cab and headed to Addison for some late evening fun, driven by a guy that bad mouthed side-ways drunk people stumbling out of bars and into taxi's; at least they're not driving dude! We started off with grill-side entertainment at a hibachi bar for dinner featuring a talented oriental chef with a funny sense of humor and a Caucasian waiter named Ninja who swore that was his real name. Ironic right? There were more birthday song celebrations squeezed in to that hour that I had previously imagined was possible and we couldn't help but wonder if it was a 40-Year-Old Virgin moment, with people making up false birthdays just for the dessert and serenade. Next we found ourselves the only non-Mexican predominately English speaking bodies not interested in the soccer game on screen in a placed called the Red Room, but who cares when there's Saturday night drink specials with no cover charge while you're waiting on your comedy act. The place had a second room with disco lights, a sloppy wired DJ, and a bar with a contradicting food menu and we chilled on the short contemporary couches until the techno music started drowning out our voices as we talked Spanish talk. We chuckled about the weirdness as we headed to the Improv, to yet be further more surprised when we arrived to the 11:30pm Tony Rock show and found ourselves minority by about 200:4, which made it even funnier as we laughed hysterically at every cheap low blow and racist comment throughout the act. All in all, I rate it one of the best no rules attached shows we've been to, besides Ralphie May of course, and would not hesitant to a repeat experience. We wrapped up the night at home with pizza in bed, other un-writables, and enjoyed an amazing sleep-in until 2pm this afternoon.

So why am I still so sleepy?!?!?

The cute newlyweds in the Red Room. Congrats guys!!!!
The very funny Tony Rock. Resembles his brother Chris, huh? I broke the "no camera" rule BIG TIME. Livin' like a rebel!

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