Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Daddy Day

     The very first Father's Day was celebrated in 1908.

     Okay, I'm a bit late on my Daddy's Day post due to a conflicting schedule, but not to worry! I didn't forget!
     A couple of years ago Patrick and I, kpLove, finding ourselves living only on love and enough money to pay the bills, sat down and composed a song for our Fathers as a gift from the heart, for none other day than Father's day. The pressures of writing about a forced topic are so much more difficult than just "seeing what comes to you", but that day's finished product resulted in one of my favorite kpLove originals. It was an adventure trying to sum both of our Father's into one song, since they are night and day different. Sports vs. Hunting. Golf vs. Fishing. A Cappella vs Led Zeppelin. One verbalizes his I love you's all the time and gives out hugs like they were handshakes, and the other is a man of few words when it comes to topics involving emotion and his loving gestures come more commonly in a form of fixing something for you that needs to be fixed, but the traits that tie them both together are simply put: love for their children, a life mission of teaching us lessons to help mold us into respectable adults, and being blessed with fabulously good looking children that love them back.
     We are both so lucky and eternally grateful for having strong, reliable, and loving male role models our entire lives.

"Hey Daddy, thanks for what you do. Hey Daddy you've better than tiramisu!"

**I'd like to add: You know you didn't short change your self in Barbell Class when afterwards, you have to use your left arm to help lift your right arm high enough to scratch your face. I also had to drive home with both hands griping the steering wheel in order to steer the car due to my lack of remaining strength. The soreness has settled in now and I'm grunting my way on and off the toilet, and not because of intestinal disturbances!**

{I held off to add some pictures and a song to this post, but THERE'S JUST NOT ENOUGH TIME!!!! I mean, how the heck am I suppose to work 48hours a week, find time to work out everyday, play/walk the dogs, be an amazing wife, have my nose stuck in a ridiculously good series AND have extra good blogs?!?!?!? I'm now on book 4 of the Janet Evavovich series, starring Stephanie Plum, remember? I'm sucked in, and real life is taking a close second.}

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