Monday, June 27, 2011

Do Yourself a Favor, LAUGH


    Saturday, Patrick and I took the dogs out for a little fresh air and exercise at our favorite park down the road. I introduced him to the long off road trails I discovered a couple of months back and we were having a grand 'ol time jogging when I heard a thump. That's when I turned around and found Patrick laying belly up, feet over head with a bloody knee, on the ground and a little stunned! I made sure the first thing out of my mouth was, "Are you okay?!?", before I started laughing my face off. That's the thing about dirt trails. . . . . . It's pertinent that you pick up your feet and watch for tree stumps and large rocks! My knees were feeling great thanks to spin and quad strengthening, so Sumo and I ran for a good 15minutes longer and then waited for Patrick and Callie to catch up since Callie wimped out in the sun and had to be carried. It was before 11am and she was crawling for shade, and Sumo followed her once, which left them both covered in grass burs, almost instantly creating knots and mats in their hair. After getting back home, without exaggeration, it took us about 1.5-2 hours to bathe them and brush our all the burs.

Sumo, cooling down in the spring water

Callie soaking wet

     Last night after introducing my parents to the infamous Ra happy hour sushi, we headed to the Improv to listen to Craig Shoemaker deliver a continuous stream of knee slapping wise cracks. This guy spent 2 hours making hilarious comments about everyday generational gap issues that ordinary people discuss often, which helped him connect with the entire audience, except the poor sap setting too close to the stage that got picked on the entire show for being born in 1991. Isn't it amazing how you can laugh until your face hurts and keep laughing, but those muscles are never sore the next day like other body parts would be from excessive use?

Yeah, we coordinate, so what?!?

Chillin' in the freezing water

Getting our grill on
     The next morning was glorious, which I decided called for a nice walk to Dunkin' Donuts to replenish our bodies from the night before. Then it was to the kitchen to prepare for lunch. You never realize how much you utilize your left thumb pad until you slice open the tip of it with a pear knife, which I managed to do while slicing a sweet potato. Just keeping myself in check. The four of us took it easy down at the pool, grilling some shishp-kabobs, eating some homemade salsa. . . . . . . . you know, making everyone else in the vicinity jealous. "Yeah, enjoy your snack bar buddy, I bet it's the best you ever had while you’re smelling this!" And although I'm well aware through past experiences of how unpleasant a back sunburn can be, it didn't stop me from being careless enough with my sunscreen application to obtain a killer unattractive 3 layer sunburn. At least I escaped acquiring those inconvenient halter top lines by wearing a tube top and maintained my pearly white face with my over sized pink hat. Every girl needs a ridiculously huge hat to up the glamour power and to help keep her skin looking young and vampire style sexy! Sunburn anywhere is an avoidable terrible curse for irresponsible fair skinned populations, but facial sunburns are not only viciously unforgiving to all feminine enhancement products, they also continue to punish you in front of the world for no less than the following 2 weeks until the dreadful peeling process has taken its course. Therefore, I prefer to avoid those at all costs.
My moment of stupidity


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