Saturday, June 18, 2011

Keeping Breezy

     Endurance spin class really kicked my butt yesterday, but it felt good to work that lactic acid out of my muscles from the barbell class the day before. It was especially all worth it when I got a high five from my spin class instructor. It was nice to receive acknowledgement for my hard work.

    So the heat won; I gave in and sacrificed my hair in a desperate attempt to feel lighter and cooler the best and fastest way I know how. I grew some balls and tried a new hairstylist, in a completely unplanned manner. I actually just happened to walk into the salon at our gym to inquire and was practically talked into a same day appointment, on the account that cancellations are very rare. The stylist was a pretty cool dude, a young musician with a Mohawk, and gave a killer head/neck massage during my shampoo. I had the initial naked face feeling afterwards, and my fingers where a little shocked when I washed my hair for the first time, but I can't explain how amazing it felt after working out, to be able to get ready for my lunch date in no time flat since it only took about 4 minutes total to take my hair from soaking wet to a  finished look! A guy down at the dog park actually reintroduced himself and his dog to me, because he didn't recognize me without my pigtails!!! I gave him a sarcastic look and said, "Yeah, I know you. . . . . .I just cut my hair", and his face immediately changed to shock, and I could tell he was embarrassed. It was funny. Someone at work mentioned I always look different. . . . . . . . . . .yeah, gotta keep the boredom monster away.


People of DFW, have you ever ate at Cowboy Chicken? It is delicious! And it has a lot of healthy food choices.

Cats never neglect their stretching time. Lucie is owning
the Panda Express bag here.

     I've been having quite a bit of back and neck discomfort lately despite extensive stretching and core strengthening, so I decided it was time for an intervention. I treated myself to a 1hr massage at Massage Envy. They are all about taking a wholistic approach to wellness by taking care of your muscles; you have to fill out a form about your own health and stressors. She really focused on my problem areas and stretched my arms/shoulders/neck for me in ways that I could never do by myself. It felt amazing. I love to stretch. It's my favorite part of working out. I outlast everyone on the stretching mats at the gym; I always add on about 30 minutes to my time, just dedicated to lengthening those muscles! When I'm not flexible, my entire body feels unhealthy and out of whack; I think it's a key to staying young. The therapist found 2 knots of equal size, equally spaced close to my lower scapula area (shoulder blades), which totally explains everything I've been feeling! We've decided it's been caused by doing repeated tasks in a world built for short people. Apparently the massage releases tons of toxins from your muscles and I'm suppose to drink a load of water for the next 24 hours, which is a huge struggle for me, but I'm giving my best go at it. My hypothalamus already fails to acknowledge when my body is dehydrated, so this will be a task.
     If anyone ever wants to go to Massage Envy and get their back rub on, tell them I referred you so I can work on getting a free massage!
     I started to feel like Stephanie Plum again yesterday when I made a phony phone call for my Dad to investigate about a home for sale (my parents old house). Sometimes it's fun to tell white lies to strangers.

I swear I try to keep this man in socks that don't look like they belong to a Hobo. He rips holes in his socks
faster than anyone I know. He could set world records. I have socks that I've had for YEARS without holes.
Does anyone else have this strange problem?


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