Saturday, June 25, 2011

No Rock, No Prize

     This morning as I climbed onto the spin bike and I thought to myself, "Geez, I wish they would play something else today besides techno pop."  "To my delight, the instructor was a substitute and the very first thing out of her mouth was, "Hi, I'm a sub, and today we are not listening to techno, pop, or country. . . . . It's going to be ROCK! I made the play list last night after a few drinks, so I have no idea what I put on here, but we're going to rock 'n roll." I was so excited I could have peed my pants. Rock gets me going. It gives me energy. It makes me feel strong, mean, tough, and invincible to my anaerobic threshold. I actually enjoy it, so I can try and get lost in the song instead focusing on the fact that my legs are about to fall off and my lungs are spasming. So much for hopes and dreams though, turns out it was a bunch of classic crap, and I'd never even heard half of them in my life. Don't get me wrong, I'm not a hater of classic rock; there happens to be a lot that I enjoy, but not today. Not these songs. If I was a spin instructor, I would have the coolest play lists ever. EVER. PERIOD.  In class during breaks, the instructor was throwing out quiz questions and giving away training prizes to those few who could answer. She asked a couple of questions about vO2 and cardiac output and when I was the only one answering them (with extended pauses due to being out of breath of course), she questioned if I was a nurse. My conscience got the best of me and I admitted that I was, which I guess unfortunately disqualified me from winning anything, because I only walked away with the satisfaction of burning a lot of calories and no free training session to look forward to. Others that won something were older and answered questions correctly about the stupid music she was playing. Maybe they should be disqualified for having the advantage of growing up in a different decade than me! Oh well.
     We celebrated Vickie's birthday tonight (my mother-in-law) with a scrumptilicious dinner at Papadeaux.   The weather was actually below smoldering with a slight breeze, so we decided to have dinner on the porch and enjoy the fresh air. I love to be outside when weather permits. Unfortunately, the 6 other people that were originally going to have dinner with us don't, which resulted in the group splitting due to the fact that they preferred to dine in a noisy, clustered, dark room instead. To each his own; I'm just glad the birthday girl was on my side. We topped off our tummies with birthday cookie cake at home and did it right by lighting up some candles while we sang happy birthday. Apparently CVS must have played a dirty prank on me and sold me some trick candles because even with group effort they refused to be extinguished. By the time they were practically stubs, we ended up forfeiting and had to soak them under the faucet! You just can't go wrong with chocolate chip cookie cake.

Callie and Sumo love their Granny-time!
     Before hitting the sack tonight I attempted to shorten the to-do-list for tomorrow and drove myself to Wally-world to get a couple of things and something amazing happened. I hit every single traffic light on green on my way to the store. Okay, I know what you're thinking. . . . . . . that was just lucky, but what was amazing is that I did the exact same thing on the way back home! Talk about skill. . . . . . . . . 
Vickie brought my lots of fresh veggies from her garden! Yummy and organic!


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