Friday, June 3, 2011

Porkaliciously Obsessed

     Pig femurs are all the rage right now with Callie and Sumo. It's hilarious to watch them carry around and obsess over a bone that's about 10 times the size of anything else we've ever given them. The most entertaining part is they keep getting jealous of each other’s bones, forgetting that there's one for each of them. I've never heard Sumo bark so much. This is one thing Callie won't let him steal!
     I can't even think clearly to write today with all the congestion of snot in my head...........pressure.............. everywhere........ I called in sick to work yesterday and slept from 9am-4:30pm, woke to take the dogs out (to discover it's so hot outside it will take your breath away) and send Patrick to GoGo China to get me some egg drop soup, and then went back to sleep from 9pm-12pm today (which stinks because it's the first play-off game I have been off from work for and could actually watch and I couldn’t hold my eyes open). Anyone want to calculate how many hours that is? With my cloudy cognitive skills, I think that's 22hours of sleep out of 27hours. That means I'm sick. Everything tastes salty, I can't smell, my head feels funny, and I'm having hot/cold flashes. I guess I'll rub some more metholatum on my nose, crawl back into my cave, and hibernate some more.

It's never safe!......................


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