Monday, April 16, 2012

Are We Human, Are We Dancer, or Was it Just the Beerita?

(This is the song that was playing for end of my story.)

There's a single person in our family that takes as many pictures as me. I've mention her before; my grandmother, Nana. She calls me her "first born".......or also "Kale-ya". And sometimes she calls me "Ally".....but then again, she calls cousin Allison, "Kayla" a lot. We laugh about this. 

You probably can't tell we are family by looking at this picture....but we are. Totally........and sometimes I get in trouble for being too much of a smart ass, but it makes me happy.
I believe in doing what makes you happy, as long as it isn't harmful to others.
Nana believes in displaying perverted frogs on her front porch for the world's amusement. That also makes me happy. Look how pleased that little fellow is with himself. He's almost as charming as those characters I enjoy viewing during my drive down south.
I went for a record quick trip to have lunch with my mom, Starbucks with Nana, and have Allison accompany me while I got my new tattoo started. 
My mom pretended like she was going to buy me lunch, but in the end I end, she conned me into covering the tab. I'm pretty sure it was all part of her grand scheme. 
After my tattooing session was finished, we followed tradition by hitting up Little Mexico for some quality cheap food and tasty margaritas. While we were in the "powder room", we were devastatingly disgusted to find there wasn't any soap in the dispenser. But then Allison decided to put her fingers in the dixie cup, containing what I thought was some drunkard's mixed drink they left in the bathroom. Luckily,  as it turns out, the blue substance wasn't a Curacao Liquor infused beverage, but a ghetto supply of liquid soap! Alas!! 
It was our first night hanging out since she became a real adult and turned 21, so it caused for celebration. 
I tried my first ever Beerita. It was amazing. Seriously, the best of both worlds........and I only needed one to feel transformed into a gringo karaoke music dancing machine.
We were the only white girls in the restaurant by day, turned latino karaoke club by night, and when it was time to go home, I was just getting started. I danced my little heart out as Allison lead me out the door, but I couldn't help but notice how excited the people seemed as we made our way through front.
A light bulb went off inside me, and half way through the parking lot I stopped. 
"What are you doing?" Allison asked.
"I have to go back in there." I said.
"Because I want to dance!! I know that song! I want to dance so bad!" I yelled back, as I ran towards the door of Little Mexico. How could I not be fired up with a song like that playing?
She didn't follow me. 
I swung open the door, waltzing in while displaying my best moves, and everyone in the room started to clap in synchrony with the beat of the song, cheering me on and making those awesomely joyous yelling noises that Mexican's make when they are excited.
I took it all in for about 45 seconds, then turned back around and exited the building. 
"You need to go back in there and dance, girl!" Some lady said to me that was standing outside in a little group, watching the whole thing.
"Nah, I've got to hit the road before my cousin leaves me in the dust."
And then we went home, laughing so hard.
And then we laughed some more with Nana.
And then we went to bed, exhausted. 
That was fun.

What did you do on Friday the Thirteenth?


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