Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Eye of the Tiger

Music and history; two things forever linked together. 
It was our first time to experience the Granada Theater in Dallas. It doesn't just look old, it is old; over 60 years old to be less than exact, and still has almost all of it's original what better person to go see there than the vintage loving Ben Kweller??
(Sorry for looking possessed; I promise it's only the good kind, with love for my Hunny.)
We like to stand above the crowd.....actually, unless he is surrounded by NBA players, Patrick is always standing above the crowd with all his tallness......but he sacrifices closeness to the stage so I can have room to dance and see over other people's heads. We found a cozy spot with a clear view on the balcony. The entire venue was standing room only, but tickets were only $19, and I hear you get what you pay for. Actually, at first we were pretty annoyed we could only get our tickets at Will-call, but had a change of heart when we discovered Granada keeps it old-school so scalpers can't buy up the tickets and sell them at a higher price. Now I'm thinking all venues should take lessons from them.
We listened to a couple of groovy warm-up bands while waiting for Ben's debut, and between set up's they had a twitter board scrolling updated tweets from people at the theater, speaking @ the event. I couldn't resist getting involved in the action, so I got to tweeting (We admired it up on the screen for a whole 5 minutes before it was pushed off by everyone else's senseless tweets.): 
 I have the sexiest husband in this joint. You can drool but you can't touch."
Speaking of vintage, I wore my mom's tiger dress that she loved when she was in her early 20's!!! Not to crush any numbers, but that puts it at around 30 years old. I even got a compliment on my tiger that night. It's very neat how fashion does loops. 
B.K. came out rocking it in his jean jacket and white washed nut huggers just as we'd anticipated.  He jammed a little electric guitar, a little acoustic, a little piano, and fancied us with a little solo action. The line up was a great mix of old and new, and I was impressed by the packed crowd. No one I talk to ever seems to know who he is, but now I see we aren't the only kooks in the city that know every word to his songs.
 He'll always hold a special place in my heart, reminding me of the day Patrick first sang to me. Oh the sweet times of newness.

If you like what you've heard so far, check out "Wasted and Ready", "Sha Sha", or his Ice Ice Baby cover "BK Baby". I'm telling you, it's good stuff. 

Do you have any vintage clothing that has special meaning to you?


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