Monday, April 9, 2012

Moments I Could Live Without

The 18 tornadoes touching down, paired with baseball sized hail, around the Metroplex last week were more than terrifying, but all the rain that accompanied them has left the unharmed areas nothing less than supercalifragilisticexpialidocious. Say that three times fast. 
It had been 4 days since the half-marathon. I was itching for a run, and the puppies were too, so we went out to enjoy our favorite local park. Arbor Hills Nature Preserve.
We ran about 4.5 miles, but I gave them little breaks in-between to chase butterflies and wade in the cool spring water. 
Tiny yellow butterflies fluttered happily around the field from bloom to bloom, giving it a sense of thriving life under the clear blue skies. 
Sumo was happy to lead the way and protect our pack from rummaging squirrels and scavenger birds. 
The only other trace of evidence the storms left behind in our immediate area were the temporarily homeless snakes that must have been flooded out of the ground. That sighting made my heart skip a short beat, not going to lie. It wasn't as scary as the time Patrick and I thought we were being followed by a mountain lion in the Santa Monica mountains, but it still made the list of "Moment's I Could Live Without"
Another incident in life I could live without????
I'll fill you in tomorrow, AND the next day.......Oh yes, it was one of THOSE weeks. 

What are you doing to enjoy Spring this week?


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