Monday, April 30, 2012

A Thickfreakness Time

A little old, and a little new for ya.........I also mentioned another one of my favorite songs they sing a while back.

A continuum from last weekend..........
I was so worried about packing everything I needed to survive an entire day outside, away from home, inside the tiniest over the shoulder purse ever invented, that I forgot a vitally important fun ingredient: OUR TICKETS TO THE CONCERT. 
Imagine that. 
So we had to turn around and go back home before getting to sink our teeth into some delicious Gorgonzola fries at Burger Girl. A must eat. Try them!
Since we were running late, my mouth was watering by the time our patty melt arrived, a completely natural reaction, considering the place has walls and walls of pictures featuring every famous person you could imagine eating a hamburger. In all my hastiness, I performed my second stupid act of the day.
I put horseradish sauce on my half of the patty melt, thinking it was mayo sauce. 
Wow, that was double gross. 
Jessica looks at me like this all the time. I know what she's thinking, "Bless her little heart. She's retarded, but I still love her."
At least Patrick knows how to do something right. He refused to wear pants because it was warm outside. But he did wear shorts, and he invented a genius way of sneaking my bottle of vodka into the venue. I'm not going into detail, but I'll give you a hint.
  Picture this: Crotch Rocket. 
This is my Edge Fest excited face!!!
Chris roamed around, but came to visit us every now and then to make sure we were partying hard enough!
Does anyone see anything funny about this picture? Look closely..............
I loved how this guy, in the band I've never heard of, picked up his keyboard and started playing it like a stand-up bass. He would get all excited and spin it around in circles while making hard-core faces. I have one of those piano keyboards, and let me tell you, they only weigh about 10,001 pounds, so I just drag mine. I give him super props, and his head banging buddies duper props for being able to shake their brains so hard and still remember the words to the songs.
Our seats were perfectly strategically nestled between both Stage 1 and Stage 2, so we danced in our seats for a while and saved feet. 
It looks like Jessica loves Bobby a lot, but really she's just getting close to him to steal his body heat. She's a weenie in the shade. 
They only thing I let her outdo me in is running (she's as bad-ass runner that I'll never catch up to), so I sent Pat some love. I think he liked it. 
I don't know what is is about rock concerts, funny costumes, and crazy hair colors, but I love the creativity.  Jessie said she ate too many eggs on Easter (so she turned into a bunny). 
One word: Cake. Good word all around. Good eats, and good listens. 
We stayed out of the mosh pit's way for a while, but eventually wondered into the arena. We had to stay in a gated off area, since we bought cheaper tickets, but Patrick wasn't going to let a little ol' thing like a 6 foot tall tarp get in his way!!! 
A few things that make my husband happy: Live Music, check. Beer, check. A Handful, check. 
We love Tim and Lara, and they love us....even though I got too crazy at a Blue October concert once, and kept shaking my fist in Tim's face by accident. He forgives me. 
Just after Garbage went off stage, a girl came up to us and asked us how many people were in our group. It just so happened her group was leaving, and they offered us their wrist bands to get into the gated area!! 
My faith in human kindness is once again restored. 
We graciously took them, ghetto tied them on with no regards to which wrist they should go on, and sneaked our happy butts through the guards hoping no one would notice our rough bands.
It worked!!!
This was a phenomenal accomplishment, after seeing several people get caught in the act of trying to sneak in, and others getting literally thrown back over the gate by guards. 
 Let these faces be known as our ecstatically happy faces!!!
The set was so pretty. I loved this disco ball that appeared from no where and made the stage light up like a starry night. 
And a dramatic ending, lights in perfect synchrony with the beat of the music. 
If you don't know who The Black Keys are, you should think about broadening your musical horizons. It's just 2 very talented dudes, making music babies, in an appropriate, completely non-sexual way, I think, dishing out the hippest beat in blues since sliced bread.........if sliced bread liked to play/sing blues music. They've been around for years, but seem to be making their first big dent into the radio and commercial world with their last album.
 Check them out, old and new. 

Who's your favorite band out of this list: Blue October, Cake, Cage the Elephant, Evanescence, Garbage, Neon Trees, The Arctic Monkeys', Switchfoot, The Black Keys, The Ting Tings?


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