Tuesday, May 1, 2012

I'm Not a Murder Afterall

How do I know my husband doesn't care to see homo's naked? Shout out to Joe Dirt for scoring that super hot chick in a mullet wig.

Well for starters, this convo actually happened last week:

Me: Look hunny!!! My Cacti is growing!! It's making cute little tiny baby cacti and the adult ones are getting taller! *Directing him over to the bath-tub, because doesn't everyone keep their plants in their bathtub??*

Patrick: Oh ya? That's pretty cool, Dear. You've been watering them?

Me: *Biting my lip to refrain from the too easy obviously smart ass response, "Umm, duh, they're in the bath-tub."* Yes! And I think they really like this window!

Patrick: Good job dear. You actually made something grow besides my "insert-word-completely-inappropriate-for-reader's-of-family-or-minors-or-the-faint-of-heart".

Me: Yup. I could be a regular ol' Home and Garden's feature-ist now. (If "feature-ist" actually was a word, and it took tangible talent to grow a cactus....but since even the desert can grow a cactus, I guess that just makes me not a plant murder.)

I'm still trying to decide if this was a compliment or an insult. A double edged sword, perhaps?

And yes, it may require a magnifying glass to see two of the baby cacti, but a baby is a baby people. I don't judge on size. After all, I do work in the NICU with the tiniest of human babies. 

I'm actually speechless for questions right now. Can you believe it?....oops, I guess that was a question.


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