Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Does Your Tongue Hang Low?

You know it's getting too hot outside when you go for an evening leisurely walk and your clothes are soaked through with bodily fluids. Either that, or your idea of a leisurely walk is hardcore........or you wore to many layers of clothing.....or you may have a profuse sweat gland problem......but since we don't have any of those things, I'm getting off track.

We took the dogs on an evening walk and not only were we both sweating, but the puppies looked like they'd just ran a ultra-marathon in the Sahara Desert. Did I mention it's only Spring?!?! Callie kept running up to the fence at each house we walked past, "crossing her claws" it was home. As soon as we got to our house, our little alpha Callie, owned the water bowl without the slightest of hesitation. Poor Sumo didn't even try.
Just look at this ridiculousness. 
Since we both agreed with Callie, but are trying to save on electricity, we indulged ourselves in a new kind of Ben and Jerry's ice-cream after dinner.
Greek Yogurt Ice-cream!!!! It was amazing. I may have even made that same face as the water alpha, seen above.

Bonus, because I know you care about the cheesy crap Patrick and I say to each other:
Here's a couple of poems from this week. One by him, then a reply by me:

Your eyes are like diamonds but prettier. 
They be looking shiny and bright.
 I want to kiss them but that might, not feel so good. 
Your lips are so full and wonderful to taste. 
They are never foul.

Your butt looks so perky and small, 
but you're very tall overall.
Your hair is a bit salty and brown;
You're pretty much the most handsome in town.
Your feet are a ton softer than mine; 
For a dude that's nothing short of divine.
But most of all, short, long, big, and small, 
your hugs, kisses and cuddles are the bomb-diggity-ball. 

The Heat: love it, or hate it?  What's your favorite kind of store bought ice-cream? Do you still write love poems?


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