Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Flowers Galore......

I spent Friday night and Saturday day exercising my artistic side. 
I know two things about flowers; they're pretty, and they need water. But for some reason, Vickie trusts me to make arrangements for her on big holidays. 

The short cubes were a big hit this year. I love making several arrangements of similar style, because it fosters my creativity to make each one unique.

We did everything out back with the shop opened up, since the weather was so nice and cool, for a change. Business was booming, as usual, so we had work stations set up all over, in inventive places, to get as much done as possible. 
Every year comes with it's own set of challenges. 
You never know how the plants you ordered will be delivered to you as: big, bright and beautiful, or wilted, dry and skimpy.......
But we always find a way to work around the obstacles and deliver something worthy.  

This yellow rose arrangement was made by Marytom, but I included it to show off the pretty butterfly. Once we discovered these things, we were using them in everything! They added such a nice spring touch.

And of course, the real reason Vickie lets me play flowers at her shop is my thorough enjoyment of making the ridiculous requests that take a little more time than normal......because I am super speedy and enjoy the obstacle. Last year's was the carnation dog baskets
It may be hard to tell, but this year's special project was a ceramic wrapped gift, with the lid open, and flowers spilling out. Another very short styled design. 

I love the little dragon fly; it looks like he just landed on the daisy. 
Who doesn't appreciate a super cheesy gift from the heart?!?!

I think tropical plants are always a nice change, and it never fails to make me giggle when I think of what my mom affectionately refers to them as. Agh....hmm...*cough, cough* Dickplants...... 

And of course, these nights are always a solid excuse for drinking a few glasses of wine and catching up on any gossip I've been missing out on. 

Everyone always acts surprised when I pull out the camera, as if they don't know me well enough by now. 

But I remind them, they'll be glad we have these one day.....even if they didn't have any makeup on. Who looks back on life and only remembers the best times as the days they put on make-up?

Be sure to call Park Lake Flowers for your central Texas needs, and they'll be sure to put a smile on your loved one's face!

What's your favorite flower? 


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