Thursday, May 3, 2012

Doodad Bobby's

Hair doo-dads are important. 
If you ever need a confidence booster, wear them. 
I know this because I work night shift. I can be at work with my eyes half closed, wearing 11 shades of grey dark circles, and 23 pound bags under them, with 2 day old hair and someone will walk by and tell me I look pretty.......just because I impressed them with my doodads. 
Trust me on this one. You need these.
I used some things I had laying around the house in my crafting boxes to make these button bobby pins, burlap flower bobby pin, and fabric rosset pins. 
The flower rossetts are made just like the burlap flowers, then I hot glued them onto a crafting pin with a small piece of felt. After that, you can pin them on anything! A head band, a shirt, a blazer.............get creative!
The burlap flower was constructed by cutting 3 layers of flower shaped burlap, sewing them together with needle and thread, pinching some of the petals with the thread to make them stand up...............
.........and then securing the bobby pin on the back with a piece of felt and the glue gun. 

The Button Bobby is by far the simplest!


  • Needle and Thread
  • Buttons
  • Bobby Pin
  • Scissors

Thread your needle, leaving your thread doubled up, and pull end through the end of a bobby pin. 
Tie multiple knots at the end of the thread to secure.
Cut off excess thread. 
Thread needle up through button hole.
Then back down through an opposing button hole. 
Be sure to hold the button where you want it to sit on the bobby pin (like on a flat side of what whichever you consider to be the top of the pin. I like mine wavy side down).
Then loop thread through end of bobby pin. And pull the string tight. 
Keep doing this multiple times, alternating holes in the button and direction in which going through the bobby pin, until the button feels nice and secure. 
Once your button is nice and secure, make a loop around the end of the bobby pin and tie a knot. Repeat, repeat, repeat. (I don't like my knots to come untied.)
Cut off the excess string, and you're done!!!


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