Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Maybe I Jumped the Gun......A Little....

Remember those barefoot shoes I was totally Gung Ho about? Well I returned them. I decided I didn't have enough patience for them as of yet.......not to mention my knee had started hurting again, and I didn't want to risk it just being a coincidence.
But I'm so glad I went with my gut, because I found the most amazing shoes on the planet. 
Brooks Pure Connect.
It's the most minimalist transition shoe of the line, offering the benefits of minimalist running, but providing more cushion than the barefoot shoe. 
And they're pretty!
I've had them for a few weeks now, and they feel amazing. I'm easily hitting midfoot. They feel so ridiculous light and airy, and it's so liberating for them to feel so flat, but supportive and springy at the same time.  I been squeezing them into my work shoe rotation, running in them about 3 times a week, and have also gone to a body pump class with them. At first the sensation was a little strange, my feet being so level, with no stability provided by extra shoe rubber, but the stronger my muscles get, the more I dislike the feel of my heavy clunkier tennis shoes. 
I've been running without my knee brace for over a month now. 
My I.T. bands are no longer hurting me. 
I no longer go to bed every night covered in ice. 
I'm getting faster and stronger.
So fast, I completely confused the running App on my phone.

Lol, I thought I was going fast in my new shoes;Distance: 196.45mi, time: 00:49:34, pace: 0:15min/mi, speed: 237.80mi/h.

View routesoc.liI did a workout with MapMyRUN! 
Distance: 196.45mi, time: 00:49:34, pace: 0:15min/mi, speed: 237.80mi/h.

Get the app · via MapMyRUN

But really, yesterday my legs were shaking like I was having a Gand Mal seizure attack when I left Body Pump, and I walked over to the treadmill and ran 1.55 miles in 15 minutes on a 3% incline, with NO music! The first mile was 10:00 minutes, the next half mile was 4:36 minutes.....and I felt like I was was only 4 months ago that I was running a 12 minute mile, giving it all I had, with 3 knee braces, and barely being able to walk afterwards. 

What running App do you use? Does it ever malfunction like mine?


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