Monday, May 14, 2012

Just Gotta Wig Out

There's much to be said for priceless candid's with good friends, taken on a cool spring night in the comforts of a country back porch, next to a home welded smoker with fresh pork sausage on the rack, a cold beverage filling the space in our koozies, and nothing to do all night but intoxicate the vacant air with laughter. 
I'd like to thank the inventor of bad wigs and over sized cowboy hats. If not for you, we'd have to entertain ourselves for hours on end using some other sort of ridiculous apparel. 
 There's nothing like a a well endowed imagination and the practice of brainy improvision to transform a backyard with a  shovel and empty can of Lonestar beer into a grande acoustic amphitheater with live free style music by the one and only, Pat Carruth, aka, the modern day Urban Cowboy....move over John Travolta....there's a new cowboy in town. 
Who say's drinking from a Styrofoam dixi cup can't be sexy? Jake knows how make a girl feel fancy with a big juicy aphrodisiac. 
I wish Ricky wouldn't have been so shy about letting me photograph his baby bump comparison with Vanaynay, but at least I got to feel his baby kick!
I went to sleep smiling, and dreamed about breakfast pizza made on homemade waffles. 
Then I woke up, again smiling, to real life sausage gravy over biscuits with eggs and pepped bacon. 
Having fun makes me hungry!!!

Do you ever dream about food??


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