Wednesday, May 9, 2012


We thought we'd pay our respects to Cinco de Mayo right, and celebrate eating Tex-Mex, washing it down with beer and drinking margaritas.......
I wore my mexican dress I bought at the market when we lived in San Antonio and we headed to El Fenix in downtown Dallas with high hopes. Hopes that was were crushed immediately, unfortunately. The salsa tasted like it was poured into our dish from a Pace Picante sauce jar, the chips tasted like cheap yellow corn, and the most disappointing of all was the lack of fiesta music. 
I asked the host, "Do ya'll play music here?"
", not really," is all she said while shaking her head.
I asked the waiter, "Do ya'll have beeritas here?"
"No, no we don't...." he said with question marks in his eyes. 
Okay okay, so maybe a "beerita" isn't on your specialty menu, but how complex is a mexican beer upside down in a frozen margarita!?! Are you so narrow minded that you can't put those two things together? Do me a favor. Just give me both, and I'll make it myself.....And alright, maybe ya'll usually don't play music here, but it is a Mexican day of celebration. I see the speakers in your ceiling, and I know you have the money to hire a band, at least for the evening!
For the sake of enchiladas and everything holy, have some pride, people!
Needless to say, we left, and walked some place new, but didn't lose faith on our downtown Mexicans.
Not only was the food, drinks, and the wait-staff way better at RJ's, but they had these cute little Mariachi band posters to pose in! We argued over who got the guy with the tiny guitar. I won. Besides, Patrick's mouth trumpet is actually very good. So he earned it. 
Something struck me funny about this dinosaur.......maybe it was the just margaritas digesting.
We walked to the playoff game, determined to have "celebrated" enough to enjoy the game, regardless of the results. 
Patrick looked so preppy in his provided Mav's shirt. I asked him to pose.....he came up with this Olan Mills style, all by himself. 
"Okay, okay, let me pose for a serious one now," he requested......
"Okay, okay, I promise, I'll be serious this time. Let's take a good one, for real," he pleaded.......
My shirt was a tad over-sized, "All the better to hold my massive muscles with." I even rolled my sleeves, like the body builder guys do, for that extra......touch of pizzazz.
Too bad the Mavericks didn't want to finish out the game with any muscle or pizzazz. They lead us on until the 4th quarter, when they gave up. It was like walking in to El Fenix all over again.....utter disappointment.
At least it was a beautiful night, though way too hot outside for the sun to be well past set. That huge eliminating moon must have been putting off some heat! My camera seems to always have a way of minimizing things, like my muscles, and this moon, because I swear it was bigger in real life. I wonder if it would have the same effect on my butt?
And then we continued the celebration at home, while mourning the loss of an NBA season, over mexican martinis, stuffed jalepeno poppers, and a bottle of Patron, with our favorite Jessica and Bobby.
That there is my, "OH-EM-GEE-I-can't-believe-I-just-took-that-shot-of-tequila-DOUBLE-YOU-TEE-EFF-was I-thinking-face."
That bottle of Patron was given to me as a going away present by my supervisor in San Antonio. I've worked in permanent positions for units that didn't throw me a going away party, and those lovely ladies in San Antonio, who only worked with me for 3 months, treated me like they'd known me for years. They threw me a party, begged me to stay, bid me well with a bottle of yellow, and I'll never forget their embracing hospitality. I truly loved the culture in that city, one of the friendliest and laid back, culture rich places I've ever been. 
The bottle has a bee on the front. 

Did you celebrate Cinco de Mayo? What did you do?

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