Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Smoldering, No Way Out

Granted, it was 5 in the afternoon, and I had just spent 40 minutes on my spin bike in our poorly air conditioned house reading my book, but I only ran a single mile. It only took a single mile for this to happen;
I was fine until then.
Every pore of my being's existence was flooding with dense salt water and when I gained enough strength to lick my lips, it tasted like diving into the gulf waters. You may be thinking right now that I'm a good exaggerator, but I swear at this moment, my fingers have typed nothing short of pure truth. Scary truth, because it is only May, and I've yet to endure the easy 20-27 degree incline that this heat is destined to reach in the next couple of months. I'll be a mere slave to it's encapsulating misery, too weak and paralyzed by it's power to find a way out. I've got to find a way out.
Taking my afternoon run into consideration, 14 hours later, I did it again. It was morning this time, the ground was still damp (to my surprise not steaming) from a light rain, and I had just finished working a 12 hour shift. There was no time like the present. I tied my laces, and shot out the door, with no time limit, set distance, or route in mind. It was the definition of a whim. And it felt good.
I explored roads I've never been down before, watched the sun finish saluting the world on it's daily debut, and came to a stop just as the smoldering spring heat waves were reaching enough intensity to start baking my skin. I managed 5.5 miles, in 58 minutes, which I'm considering as amazing, since I did nothing but lay on the couch for the week and a half before.  
Now, if I could just find a way to prevent summer from coming.........

Speaking of working a 12 hour shift, it's Nurses Week! If you know a nurse, please tell her/him how much you appreciate their attributions to the greater good. We rack our brains with complex problems, put our own health at risk routinely, and smile through all sorts of emotions, just to make a small difference in someone's life, all in the name of love and compassion.

 I really have done all these things, and more, and can still say I love my job. I feel blessed to have the opportunity to positively impact someone's life every day I'm at work.

Has a nurse ever made impact in your life?


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