Thursday, March 29, 2012

Love. Words. Actions.

Thursday evening before I left for the movies:
I brought home dinner because we needed to cut Sumo's hair and I didn't have enough time to cook before my hot girls date.

Pat: Aw man! I forgot you were leaving me tonight! Please don't go!

Me: I told you about this a week ago.

Pat: Ya but I forgot!

I gave up on Sumo's hair and hurried to get in the shower. Patrick poked his head through the shower curtain to make conversation.

Pat: What do you want to watch tonight?

Me: I'm going to watch the Hunger Games.

Pat: Dang it! I forgot you were going to that! I don't want you to leave!

I took a shower and spent the next 30 minutes in the bathroom primping while Patrick was laying in bed playing with the puppies.

Pat: Come on, hunny. Get in bed.

Me: What? Look at me, I'm about to go. 

Pat: What?!?................Aw man; I forgot you were leaving!!! Are you really leaving?

Me: Yes. I already have a ticket! This is serious! It was on the news!

Pat: It must be terrible, having a husband that actually cares when his wife is leaving him.

Me: I love that you miss me when I'm gone, dear. I hope you always do.

Pat: You're probably going to complain about how clingy I was to your friends tonight, huh?

Me: No. I'm going to brag about how much you love me. 

Random Day Last Week:
I was throwing a minor tantrum in bed because I was desperately craving frozen yogurt. The problem was, it was midnight. 

Me: Find a way to get me some!...........Pleeeeaaaaaase! Buy me a machine and figure out the recipe. I need some original tart ASAP!

Pat: I would if I could hunny, but that sounds expensive....and I don't think there are any stores open where I can get something like that right now.

Me: Well I want one by Christmas for sure.

Then I kicked my heels into the bed several times, flailing like a fish out of water, and whined for a emphasize the severity of my frustration. 

Pat: I'll be right back; I have an idea. 

After disappearing for a while, he came back with an entire platter full of ice-cream. Oreo Cookie Roll. English Toffee on a stick. Ice-cream sandwich round. (Yes we had all of those in our freezer.) We sat in bed and happily shared, he making sure I got plenty of bites of my favorite, and I making sure he got a fill of his favorite. It wasn't fro-yo, but the added sweetness of his thoughtfulness cured my craving.
Things aren't always bluebonnets and butterflies, but when they're not, we verbalize our feelings, find a resolution or settling point, and move on.

First priority: Make my spouse feel happy today. Let him/her know how much I love and appreciate him/her.

Two people in love cycle through multiple ups, downs, and plateaus throughout the year, month, week, sometimes even day. But the most important thing is they remember above all, making sure their loved one is happy and taken care of is most important. If both party's best interest is the other, all the rest should fall in place. 

Remember: Actions may speak louder than words, but words still speak too. 

What do you do when you have late night cravings? How do you make your loved one feel special?


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