Wednesday, March 28, 2012

One Flipping Disaster After Another: The Fall

Part II
Lesson: Stay on good terms with your guardian angel, and wear headgear.

When we got home, I decided to take the furry children rollerblading, to get our minds off of things.
We had to get rid of this action.
And that's when my helmet came in handy for the first time in it's cold plastic life.
Staying true to the park sidewalks like they were the yellow brick road to happiness, I was rolling swiftly downhill, the the dogs close on my tail. We'd passed people everywhere; it was a nice afternoon, and both dogs had been perfectly minding their own business. A girl learning to ride her bike without training wheels. Some kids playing basketball. A few runners, screamers, and swingers (the kind you only see at playgrounds, not to be confused with the kind you meet at bars)......I was impressed {at my dog's self control}. 
Without warning, a wild hair struck Callie right in the butt, and she took off in the opposite direction. Within half a second, she had wrapped herself around a large wooden trashcan and light poll, yanking my arm back with her, before I knew what hit me, followed by my entire body flying through the air, taking me down flat on my back. Wheels aren't great for stopping in an instant, ya know. It was fast. Lightening speed fast. 
All I remember is hearing someone scream, I think it was me, and my head bouncing off the ground. I sat up and whipped around to glare in her direction.
She sat in the grass, her leash stretched taught, her tongue hanging low. I was too irate for embarrassment. I marched to her, eliminating the obstacles between us, said a few choice ungodly words, and then looked up to meet the gaze of 6 eyes. Two children and their mother. Starring at me. Oops. Oops. Double Oops.
She didn't say a word, and neither did I.
Stinker Jerk
The good news is, somehow I managed to evenly distribute my weight, so that no part of my body was scraped or bruised. I think I met the most force with my head, instead of my tailbone, and glad to say my helmet protected me so well, that I might as well dove onto a pillow top mattress. Actually, I think my guardian angel must have caught me, and lowered me to the ground because I haven't a single scratch or bruise on my body.
We went straight home after that. Patrick met me at the door.
"Why is your butt all dirty?"
"I fell." I said while clenching my teeth.

And to think, I was just commending myself on the fact I haven't had any personal mishaps to write about in a long time.

When's the last time you fell? Did anyone see?


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