Monday, March 26, 2012

Hungry Nerds After Midnight

It was news worthy. I witnessed it myself while I was running my last long run before the big day. Yes, my last long run taking place on the treadmill was horrific, but that's bore in itself. The day all of us book worms have been waiting for finally arrived, and it didn't go unnoticed.
I'll give you a hint. Pay close attention.
{The Hunger Games}

Nerd Alert Clue #1: Last week, I was asked by a friend to go to the midnight showing. I said yes, and laughed hard when she said our tickets had already been purchase. Geez, could we jump the gun a little with excitement??? As it turns out, so did everyone else, because 4 days in advance, all the theaters were sold out!

Nerd Alert Clue #2: When I went to Hobby Lobby the day of it's debut, I overhead a family picking out t-shirts and crafting supplies to make fan shirts for the movie. 
The dad asked one of the girls, "Do you have a favorite character?", in reference to what they could write on their shirts.
"Yes; it's Katnis," the little girl responded.
"Well maybe you can write something like Meow on your shirt," the absolutely clueless dope replied.
Meow?? Are you kidding me? Obviously you didn't read the books. That's a terrible idea......not to mention she hates the family cat. I decided I probably shouldn't break the news to him, since he was just trying to be helpful. Not that I was ease dropping or anything.

Nerd Alert Clue #3: We all met for coffee and arrived to the theater 3 hours before showtime, to get good seats. We weren't the only ones either!! When I was running that afternoon, the news was already broadcasting lines forming outside the theaters. 

Nerd Alert Clue #4: I almost cried when I realized I forgot to bring my camera. I never leave home without it. Stupid phone camera's. I don't know what people see in them. I wanted to capture the atmosphere.
We actually stopped people to ask them to take pictures of us. At a movie theater.
The place was packed immediately. My favorite spirit shirts I saw said, "Keep Calm and Trust the Mockinjay." 

Nerd Alert Clue #5: After sitting in our amazing seats for 2 hours, we waited in line for 40 minutes just to get popcorn. I ate a hefty dinner before leaving home, but Cristina and I devoured an entire large tub of butter soaked, salt covered, crunchy-corn heaven by ourselves.....minus the left overs I found in my shirt, bra, scarf, and crotch. My lips were so chapped the next day I felt like I had spent a week in the north pole with no chap-stick.
I also drank a grande white chocolate frappuccino. Then ate half a package of thin mints and downed a Chick-Fil-A lemonade, both of which I had stashed in my purse. 
What can I say?? 9 miles of activity works up quite an appetite. 

I promise Cristina is the crazy one in a tank top.  Everyone else in that theater was freezing.
Nerd alert Clue #6: Cristina and I looked to each other at every big part of the story, nodding our heads in approval, or bickering about how it should have been done. There were 7 girls in our group, only 2 hadn't read the books, so after it was over, we all stood in the parking lot and deliberated. Those who hadn't read the books yet, were now motivated to get their read on. 

The whole experience made me feel like a teenager. It was super exciting.
I cannot express my deep gratitude for everyone there taking it seriously. Nothing would have made me more agitated than sitting through a dramatic replay of how I heard the Twilight showings were.
All in all, it was the best attempt at portraying a book I've watched yet. They stayed mostly true to the novel, although I felt they could have done a better job at showcasing the rebellious acts throughout. I realize that a movie can only be so many hours long, but those who didn't know the between the lines information had lots of questions after the credits rolled.

What gets your nerd motor purring? Have you read/watch The Hunger Games yet?


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