Thursday, January 5, 2012

Is my Mic' on? Because I'm on a Roll......a Roll of Randomness.

I finished the The Hunger Games Trilogy! It was a long two weeks, with all the suspense! I'd compare it to turning a movie off at the climax before the resolution....every single time you stop reading! It's always the same for me when I finish a book. At first, I have a feeling of satisfaction and accomlishment. Then I'm struck by a feeling of loss and emptiness, like I have to mourn the book becuase it is no longer a huge part of my life. I get so consumed while I'm reading, connecting with the characters and living in their world; I miss them once it's all over. It's difficult to describe, but hopefully someone out there knows what I'm talking about!......Anyone?........Anyone?.............Is my mic' on?
How do you like Patrick's fake boogie??? Looks pretty real, huh? I find real ones, like this, on his shirt every so often. To this day, I still don't understand how a person can blow their nose, and completely miss the kleenex more than one time in their life. I let him slide though, because of what happened: A few years ago, I had a runny nose-- the kind stays at the tip of your nose, but never seems to accumulate enough to blow--..........and when I leaned down to kiss that handsome fellow of mine, a drop of snot dripped out and landed on his shirt. Fortunately, he loved me enough to still kiss me after that! How did I ever get so lucky? "Don't kiss your hunny when your nose is runny. You may think it's funny, but it snot!"
We did it, we did it! Well.......actually the Mavericks did it. I didn't do anything but scream a bunch of useless crap at them while they ran their butts off, up and down the court. 

This Michael Jackson dancer is so fun to watch, with all his dummies mimicking his moves. You've got to be extra skilled to keep your moves smooth while directing 4 other bodies at the same time!

And then there's these two weirdos. I think they may have been confused. Yes, yes, that must be the case. I hope they weren't too broken hearted when they realized titty baby Wade wasn't going to play in this game. 
Our seats are pretty awesome. No one's directly behind us, and our short little row is elevated above the people below us. Perfect. Just perfect. 
I've decided the Mav's dancers have it made, far beyond the cowboy's cheerleaders. They are protected from the weather's elements, don't have to perform the entire game, and can rest easy knowing they wont be trampled by a huge football player crashing into the sidelines. Sweet deal. 
I can't believe we haven't seen Kloe Kardashian all over the screen yet.......Maybe I'll run into her one day, and she'll see my butt and think maybe I'm a long lost sister of the family, and we'll become close friends over it all, and she'll feel bad that we live in Texas, and since she likes me so much, she'll donate a ton of money to me so Patrick and I can move back to California!!!! But it's detrimental that I be very careful. She may discover my blog, and read this post, and then get mad that I had a master plan, take all her money back, and we'd be homeless.......... I better stop thinking about this so hard before steam starts seeping from my ears.

What's the latest book you've read? Are you diggin' basketball yet this year? Any fun booger stories lerking out there?


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