Monday, January 23, 2012

Drop it like it's Hot

     Growing up on the river, my dad would always supply fresh catfish for the dinner table. My parents have a video from when I was a little girl that my mom loves. My dad is standing at the counter filleting the fish, and tiny me is standing directly behind him, not as intent on watching his every move as I am determined for him to acknowledge what I'm trying to tell him. Over and over I would repeat myself, my mom videoing in the back ground, "I like it hot, Daddy. I like it hot." I'm pretty sure I was trying to say, I like the fried catfish as soon as it comes out of the grease, steaming and moist, and I wanted him to stop what he was doing right then and fry me a tail so I could munch on it's delightful crunchiness, but instead I adamantly continued, "I like it hot. I like it hot, Daddy."
     Fish. I love fresh fish (but don't have the luxury so readily available to me as I used to). So do the Koreans!! Feeling adventurous, I explored a little ways further down the street this week and decided to shop at this grocery store. It was overwhelming, to be honest. The smell of groceries foreign to me. The chill that fill the air. It was 63F that day, and I literally defrosted after walking back outside. I was also blown away at how much cheaper the produce was, and how many types of seafood they offer both frozen, defrosted, and dehydrated! I laughed at the idea that I was the only white person in the building, and yet they played more hip tunes overhead than any local grocery store I've ever been to. You go with your bad self, Carrollton Plaza Supermarket! 
     Feeling inspired by my friend Ji Youn from work, and now equipped with the proper ingredients, I attempted to make Japchae (sweet potato noodles with veggie stir fry) and a side of scallions with garlic butter sauce.  I wanted it it be fresh and authentic. So after deciding that Koreans must, like it hot, I added some of the pickled red peppers I bought at their supermarket. I think my mistake was cutting some of the peppers in half when adding them to the veggies, because that stir fry could ignite a fire in a gold diggers ass. I'm not even exaggerating; feel free to ask anyone in my family for validation. I'm sure Patrick and my brother would be happy to warn you. Oopsie-daisy. The good news is I kept the veggies separate from the noodles and the scallops, so not all was tainted by the devil juice of those peppers!
     No, I'm not sweeting and panting because of those peppers, I gave up on them. The weather has just been so nice lately that I couldn't resist taking the puppies roller-blading on my rest day for some light exercise {for me}, and a seriously heavy energy release {for them}. (I started this escapade forgetting about the killer knot bruises on my legs!! Dumb.) Things started off a little crazy with Callie and Sumo working as a team to pull me, and myself effortlessly rolling forward, yelling out, "Muush! Muush!!", every now and then.......but that didn't last long (I stopped when the neighbors started to stare.....and Sumo needed to poo anyway). In hardly no time, I had them running by my side, or behind me, so nicely that even Cesar Millan would be impressed. I'm going to go ahead and say I'm ready for my big debut in Roller Derby, because I dodged, jumped over, and trekked through enough grass breaks, water puddles, craters, acorns, and limbs on our neighborhood sidewalks to hang with the toughest of those girls. I somehow managed to stay erect on my wheels the entire adventure, but never regretted the hat hair formed by the safety of my helmet!
     The pups had lots of fun, but were sprinting to the house as soon as they recognized it. Straight to the watering hole and cold floor they went! Look at those smiling faces, and calm submissive behavior! Aggghhhhh, the good life. 
     What I learned this week: I like it hot, but not THAT hot. 

What's your favorite "hot" food? When was the last time you went rollerblading -if ever-?


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