Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Venturing Outside of Farts

     I keep this note pad magnetized to our frig, so as we run out of groceries, we can easily write them on a ongoing list (scribbles on your right). So many times, I will cook something new, throwing in a dash of this, a pinch of that, the dish will come out fabulous, and a couple of months down the road when I want to recreate it, I have not an inkling what magic ingredients I used. For this reason, I attempted to document everything I put into the last soup I made (list on your left). If you do a quick scan of the list, you may notice a special ingredient that crept it's way to the bottom of the list. Oh yes, "1/2 cup farts".................I wonder who wrote that.....................................
     We love Hooters and all, but decided to show some love to a new place I've been eyeballing every time we walk to the American Airlines center. Naga Thai Kitchen. They have the place all decorated for Valentine's Day, which excited me, but we were both excited when we saw the 5 different kinds of Mojitos on the menu! First, we had to let Patrick's mom know, because she loves Mojitos so much that she carries her own fresh mint in her purse so bartenders can't deny her the drink. Then I ordered the pomegranate version, and Patrick went with the specialty Thai version: basil instead of mint leaves and a special Tequila instead of Rum. Yummy. 
     I ordered lettuce wraps, and got a 1/4 head of lettuce on the side! WHAT???? It was so good though, every crunchy bite infused with fresh ginger. I love ginger. It reminds me of.......something pure......light and earthy.........
     Patrick ordered an amazing flat noodle dish with a nutty sauce, cashews, a million kinds of meats, and carrot noodles. The chopsticks proved more useful in his nose than in his hands, but he eventually tackled the entire dish. The flavors were so unique and refreshing. Look at that presentation! They added orchid blossoms instead of  farts to their recipe. 
     The night started with a perfect meal, continued in stride with the Pledge of Allegiance sang by the Oak Ridge Boys, and ended perfect with a win for the Mav's. How long as that one guy had the luxurious white hair and beard? Since 1920 or so?
What's the last new place you tried? Did you like it? 

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