Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Pole Dancing's Not for Sissy's!

A large group of us work gals were able to pull ourselves together for a girls night out this weekend! There was a whopping 13 of us, and I'm not exactly sure who was at work, but it was the last thing on our minds. 
We scarfed some grub at House of Blues and headed downstairs for a fantastic 80's cover band concert: The Molly Ringwald's!!!!! They seriously put together a perfect mix of energizing classics, and I don't think there was a moment gone by that we weren't singing and dancing our little big hearts out.  
My favorite Respiratory Therapists!!!..............
..............I work with some fine looking girls, huh????
This guy was cracking me up! He was the only person I saw in costume, but I ain't hatin'; he pulls off those skin tight zebra pants as good as Robert Plant could!
After the concert, we weren't ready to call it a night, after all, we do work the graveyard shift, so we headed  to the Manhattan Lounge in downtown for some night cap dancing. 
The next day I was sooooo sore. I'm talking every muscle in my body sore. Head to toe, especially my arms in shoulders. I was thinking it was from the amazing work out I had the day before, but..........
That's when I remembered the real reason...................They had a silver rod set up in Manhattan's, and I decided to show all the ladies my pole dancing moves I learned a couple of years ago in a class!!!! Let me just go ahead and set the record straight. Pole dancing in itself is not for sissy's. It is a major, hardcore, full body Pilates workout, with a bit of sexy worked in. And it is especially difficult with red silk editor's pants on............
(I show off some of my moves in class in the video on the top of the page. I'm the one that sets up the camera and runs to the back!)
We played so hard that we fell asleep on the ride home, just like a bunch of kids. And the picture below should be a pretty accurate indicator of exactly how I felt the next day. Too bad there was no time for hangover's. There's never enough time for anything anymore!!!
Thanks for a great night out girls!!!!!

Have you ever pole danced before? What's your remedy for a hangover?

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