Wednesday, January 11, 2012

French Fried Tatters...........MMMMM.......HMMM

Since hangovers are for kids, and grown-ups have to get a move on..........and I am definately a grown up.........sometimes, Patrick spent an hour trying to wake me up the next day so we could head to Waco for our January Christmas celebration. We decided a long time ago it was too hard to get every family member together in December, so we pushed our Foo-Foo exchange back a month, taking turns hosting. 
I was a little dizzy and extremely nauseated, so I showered with my eyes closed, and whined for Jack-in-the-Box until my wish came true. Patrick was upset with me for not wanting Whataburger, and then for ordering him the wrong thing (I could barely talk and stand at the same time, much less remember short term information), but all was good once we found this gem of a french fry!!!!
My dear Watson, I needed a new pair of glasses anyway!!!!
I'm watching you with my spectacles, punk!!!!
Dear madam, it seems as though you may be a bit hungover.......
Nanaynaybooboo......I can see you!
Look maw, no hands!!!
Of course, Lucifer is the only member of the family that refused to coorperate. Look at her. She's so completely consumed by her grouchy ways that her ears are pinned back even when she's enjoying herself! Anyone want a cat?........Anyone?
By the way, if you've never seen me try to hoola-hoop, you should watch this 4am video of Vanaynay trying to teach me the ropes! It seems to mesh well with my week of  "adult activity". Don't give up on me, it's worth it to watch at least 5 minutes of the video, I PROMISE!!!
I was doing my famous 45 minute stretch after my workout a couple of days ago, and couldn't help but watch the Zumba class through the window. Is is just me, or does anyone else think that it looks a little like a new age Richard Simmons video???? Either way, I think I'm going to try it; I love salsa music!!!

Does anyone (besides my husband) know what movie the quote, "French fried tatters....MMM...HMMM...." comes from? 
Are you a good Hoola-Hooper????

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