Tuesday, January 17, 2012

News Flash: Sometimes I'm Lame

     Does it make me a total nerd to drive with my windows down in January and play old N'Sync songs at excessively loud sound levels while singing along to every word? The guy that rolled up next to me on his bike at a traffic light thought so. I wanted to tell him not to be jealous he didn't have a cool sound system for his bicycle to listen to his guilty pleasures while cruising, that's why I had mine so loud.....to share with those less fortunate, of course. 
     As it turns out, I'm pretty lame when I'm sick, which I have been (in case you were wondering). My weekend consisted of sleeping, eating, sleeping, running, sleeping, watching basketball, blowing my nose....oh yeah, and sleeping. I did manage to do one amazing thing, though. I ran 45 striaght minutes on the treadmill set at rolling foothills, which panned out to be 4 miles. That's the longest I've ever ran, without walking in between, in my entire life. Okay, so maybe it's not compeltely amazing, but it felt like a victory to me. Insignificant feat for mankind (to be generous), huge feat for mauh. I've got a long way to go in my half-marathon training, but can see my progress! My heart rate was 190 when I finished, despite my breathing being controlled and I didn't feel like I was dying. I'm going to go ahead to take the privilage to contribute my excessive heart rate to cold remedy medications instead of being in an anaerobic state, but I refused to let a stinking cold put me behind in my training.
     It wasn't until Patrick asked me to "jay-run" across the street later that night on our way to the Mav's game that I realized how tired my knees were. I could barely speed walk, no exaggeration, so I spent the night propped up in bed covered in ice packs, icy hot, and heating pads, as I have every bedtime for the last 2 weeks. It was a small price to pay for the phenomenal reward to my exasperating workout, the extra Weight Watchers points I earned for my double tall draft Dos Equis that I thoroughly enjoyed while people watching at Hooters for happy hour before the game! Score!!
     When we made it to our section, someone was in our seats.

Man in Our Seats: Oh, are these your seats?.......

Us: Why yes, yes, they are. We have these seats for half the season......

 Man in Our Seats: Well I actually have season tickets too, on the front row of this section. I was wondering if you wanted to trade for tonight so I could sit with the rest of my family?

Us: Why yes, yes, we will. Will will trade you for front row any time, sir.

"Front row baby! Let's go mavs!

Kayla just checked in @ American Airlines Center for Sacramento Kings vs. Dallas Mavericks (w/ 77 others) (Dallas, TX)
 ·  · Kayla on foursquare · Saturday at 8:06pm via foursquare"

     Okay, so my twitter may have been a tad deceiving, "Front row baby!", but it was a small technicality for us. (Front row upper level, yeah baby yeah!!!) Another bonus, a lady with a large fancy smanshy camera stopped to take our picture, and here we are on a website. The darn thing is so overly copyrighted that it wont even let me save it to the computer with the watermark on it!!! Ugh, what-ever!!! At least you can view it on the link:
My Mavs Fan Photo http://t.co/KVcednln

Are you a good sport when you're sick?  If you like basketball, who's your favorite? What's your guilty pleasure music?

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