Monday, January 2, 2012

Happy Wife, Happy Life. Happy New Year!!!

     Short history disclosure: Last week when we drove to Waco, I actually got to cooridnate a play date with my Jessica. We traded boys; I got to hold her little man Cannon for the entire visit. I can't believe he is 3 months old!!! Such a cutie pie. When we got back home for our trip, we carried our bags inside, I placed mine somewhere irresponsible as usual, and we continued on with life.
     Scene set: It's a dreary day. The sky's grey, the ground cold and moist from the ongoing wetness seeping from the sky, never amounting to anything heavier than a mist. Fall is over and old man winter has unpacked his bags for the season. The household is becoming restless from indoor confinement and despite the extra time spent inside; the woman of the house {muah} has had no boost of enthusiasm to pick up after herself. 

Patrick: What's this?!?! (Walks outside to pick up the clump of material he spots laying in the yard. He returns back inside and holds it up in the air to show me. It's my favorite cream colored cardigan. The one I'm wearing in the picture below. It's slinky and soft like a shirt that's been washed and dried for 40 years, and I paid too much for it at Nordstorms. It's now tarnished with mud and grass in the shape of claw marks.)

Me: Oh no! That's MINE! Look at it! It's filthy! That will never come out! 

Patrick: I guess Sumo got tired of underwear and socks and has moved on to the finer things in life. 

Me: This is why I hate that you put all my things on the floor!!!!

Patrick: What?

Me: I put all my clothes on the bed, and at night, you throw them on the floor regardless if they're clean or dirty, which makes them readily available to be ruined by the dogs!

Patrick: (Swift on his feet, quickly realizes arguing with me about this would be useless and do nothing but fuel my misdirected fire. He hides the cardigan in the dirty clothes and moves on with life discretely.)
This is a terrible picture. The lighting is a no no, I look like I have helmet hair, and the resolution is crap, but little Cannon just steals the show so well with that smerk!
     Okay, so I'm not completely perfect, but I really like to pretend I am. Shocking, right? It's quite a confidence booster. Sometimes when I'm pretending to be perfect, I blame things on Patrick, just because he's an easy target. Someone in the relationship has to take the blame, right, right? I don't know how I got so lucky, but I managed to find a man who lets me do this, instead of picking a fight back, because he knows it will make me feel better, which works out better for him in the long runA happy wife equals a happy life
     I don't typically make New Years resolutions becuase it makes me feel obligated. As we all know, I'm a total rebel to rules and obligations, but I think I'll try to keep this one. This year, I will make more of a conscious effort to hang my clothes back in the closet, or put them in the hamper like a mature adult, instead of throwing it all on the bed like a sloppy teenager. I don't know how long my will-power to uphold this resolution will last, since let's face it, it's everything that I'm not, but I promise to try.
     You might be glad to know I managed to work all the mud and grass stains out of my precious cardigan. Obviously I'm on my A-game; BRING IT 2012!

Do you have any lazy habits that are hard to break? How long do you usually keep your New Year's Resolutions?

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